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Allan Wilson strike continues

…Allan Wilson strike continues …General workers join in

By Tariroyashe Goredema

Students from Allan Wilson high school yesterday continued with their demonstration calling for the headmaster to step down, this time joined by ancillary staff.

Allan Wilson strike continues
Allan Wilson strike continues

The demonstration came about after the school head, Blessing Jitimana, addressed the general workers explaining why they won’t be getting paid AGAIN this month.

Speaking to this publication one of the workers (name withheld) said they had not been getting full salaries for the past two years and could no longer sustain the situation.

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“The country is already suffering from economic hardships, imagine how it is working for two years and not getting paid.

“He is always using the country’s economic situation as an escape plan but we can’t survive on that because something has to be done.

“We were once against these demonstrations but we have decided to join in with the students, maybe the ministry will help us and take action,” said the source.

Students from the school said lessons have since stopped since the previous demonstration which occurred last Thursday.

The school headboy said the pupils have decided that they were not going to attend lessons until their plights are heard by the ministry,

“As students we have decided that no lessons will take place till the headmaster has stepped down

“No change has been done ever since the demonstrations started and it shows that our cries have not yet been heard.

“Yesterday we ate a small piece of chimodho and one cup of tea for breakfast and we had sadza and half cooked beans for lunch and supper as usual yet our parents are paying $1 586 for school fees.

“Our toilets are not clean because the general hands have also stepped down because they have not been getting salaries for the past years.

“The Ministry has to act and help us before it’s too late. Examinations are on the way and we need to start lessons before it’s too late,” he said. H-Metro