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Gay refugees sent back to ‘homophobic Kenya camp’

Kenya’s government has ordered a group of 76 refugees to return to a camp they had fled after some of them faced homophobic attacks, a UN agency says.

Protests have been held in Kenya's capital to show support for the LGBT refugees
Protests have been held in Kenya’s capital to show support for the LGBT refugees

Police with guns escorted the group on to buses on Wednesday night, photos sent to the BBC by the refugees show.

The group had been living in temporary accommodation in the capital, Nairobi, after fleeing the refugee camp.

Gay sex is illegal in Kenya and the countries where the refugees come from, including Burundi and Uganda.

Last month Kenya’s High Court upheld a law criminalising gay sex.

In a statement, the UN refugee agency said the Kenyan government had decided to send the group, which includes LGBT people and children, to the Kakuma camp in north-western Kenya.

The government is quoted by the UN as saying that refugees “should be living in camps and, if they reside outside of camps, it should be with appropriate documentation”.

The UN said it would protect the group in the camp.

Tens of thousands of people live in the camp. Most of them fled conflict and drought in countries such as South Sudan and Somalia. BBC News