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I don’t entertain loose women – Takura

By Rose Siduna

Zim Hip Hop artiste Takura says he does not entertain women who throw themselves at him. The Mai mwana singer says he is focusing on his career.


“I never entertain women who throw themselves at me because apana ka chandingatozoita mulife so I stay busy working.

“Women do inbox me to seek my attention but my management also handles my social media platforms but I also get to check my inbox myself just to respond to people who support me,” said Takura.

The 30-year-old revealed that as much as people get tempted, he does not tolerate loose women who seek his attention.

“I am a very principled person so I never do anything because I am tempted.

“I am human of course and temptations come here and there but I never do anything about it.

“I love my job and I am trying to go far in terms of my career that is why I never tolerate women who throw themselves at me, they may mess that up,” added Takura.

Takura revealed that he sings more about love because he is in touch with his soul and feelings.

“I sing more about love because I am a lover and I feel like I help people out there who struggle to express themselves when it comes to love through music.

“For example the song Zvemwoyo shows what most people go through in love.

“I love teaching people through music about what I know and the things I have been through in life,” said Takura.
The artiste says he is happy because he managed to complete half of his 2019 resolutions and he is sure that by the end of the year the whole year resolutions will be complete.

He also reveals that he is planning to perform in Victoria Falls on Africa day. H Metro