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Dog bite woman getting treatment in India

By Andile Tshuma

A BULAWAYO woman who was severely mauled by rabid dogs last month is undergoing treatment in India.

Cherish Muchegwa
Cherish Muchegwa

Her landlord’s five dogs bit chunks of flesh from her limbs in a horrific attack that left her bones exposed.

Ms Cherish Muchegwa travelled to India last week and has started receiving treatment, which consists of a series of surgeries.

The Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce, Raj Modi, who has been coordinating donations for Muchegwa’s travel and treatment, said she underwent skin grafting procedure.

“Charity flew out to India last week with her husband (Mr Joseph Masaiti) and her nurse (Mpilo Central hospital’s Sister Sinanzeni Moyo). May the good Lord protect and heal her,” Modi said.

He said Ms Muchegwa was admitted to Kiran Hospital and the doctors have already done skin grafting. “They are now waiting for the wounds to heal so that they do reconstructive surgery.”

He said he found doctors who agreed to perform reconstructive surgery on Ms Muchegwa for a cheaper fee of US$10 000 in India from the initial US$25 000 quote.

The Bulawayo South legislator further negotiated with Kiran Hospital for a further 30 percent discount leaving the bill at US$7 000.

Speaking to the Chronicle from Kenya awaiting a connecting flight to India last week, Mr Masaiti said he was happy that his wife was finally going to receive treatment.

“The journey has been ok it is quite long but we are happy it has been possible. We thank God and everyone who has prayed and extended a helping hand to me and my wife,” he said.

His phone has been unreachable ever since. The couple has been receiving donations from locals and the bulk of the funding has been spent on pre-surgery treatment costs.

Pre-surgery treatment ensures the wounds do not get septic while awaiting actual surgery. ZB Bank donated $5 000 and Modi had donated $3 500 which were gobbled up by pre-surgery care.

The United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) provided an ambulance that ferried Ms Muchegwa to the airport for free. The Chronicle