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CAPS dismiss boycott rumours

By Fiona Ruzha

Caps United manager Shakespeare Chinongwenya has set the record straight after a rumour that players were dispirited and refused RTGS $10 allowances on Sunday.


Reports say that the incident happened soon after the Harare City match when players refused to take the $10 meant for allowances.

The Green Machine have had a good start to the season where they have won four games and drawn once against Highlanders.

An anonymous source confirmed to H-Metro that the incident happened but the club officials quickly handled the situation on Monday.

“Yes the incident occurred. The players were not happy especially considering the fact that they have been doing a noteworthy job for the team. However, the club officials quickly resolved the situation by giving them 30 bond yesterday (Monday),” said the source.

However, CAPS United took to Twitter highlighting that they trained yesterday as they prepare to face Triangle over the weekend.

“We finished going through our drills and the boys are raring to go. We face Triangle FC on Sunday at Gibbo stadium. All is well in our camp and morale is at its peak. We have no casualties,” read the tweet.

To support this Twit, CAPS United manager Chinongwenya confirmed that everything was normal as the boys resumed training yesterday.

“I don’t know anything in regard to what you are talking about, as far as I am concerned everything is normal as usual and the boys resumed training today (yesterday).

“I do not know who is spreading all these lies because the morale in our camp is normal.

“We had full training, everyone was present as we prepare for the Triangle match,” he said. H-Metro