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REVIEW: Ice N Roses heavies Nox, Shinso drop MaFake Boss

By Jonathan Mbiriyamveka | Gemnation |

Ice N Roses heavy weights — Nox Guni and Shinsoman — have released their first ever collaboration since the Dancehall Father signed to the label.

Nox Guni and Shinsoman
Nox Guni and Shinsoman

The track titled — MaFake Boss — takes a dig at people who pretend to be who they are not, especially those who want to floss when in fact they have nothing to show for it.

The track denounces people who look down on others claiming they have money when they don’t.

This is often a reality these days where people both women and men, want to see themselves as super rich when they are only faking it.

Shinsoman rides on the beat but not with his signature deep husky voice but rather alter while Nox laces the hook with mellow voice.

The song has a danceable beat and you can sing along to its just like most of Shinsoman or Nox’s songs.

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Both artists have featured on Ice N Roses’ Heartbreak riddim.

The riddim features up to 25 performing artists from the likes of Shisoman, Trinta, Magikkal, Ricky Fire, Tyfah, Nox Guni, Ras Caleb to Ngoni Kambarami.

Apparently Shinsoman aka Baba Devante was recently signed to the label which also has Tyfah Guni, a producer/singer among other up and coming artists.

Uchandifunga is Nox’s single on Heartbreak riddim and has traits of his early days when he brought the sound fans loved and cherished.

But the beauty is that Uchandifunga is a well thought out track that is likely to have more spins on the airwaves that any other track.

It’s mellow, danceable and is about love a subject Nox knows too much about. He sings about a love affair that’s on the rocks or about to go bad.

The partner is no longer doing the little things (albeit which matter) like texting, appreciating, gifting or calling each other.

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