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Bosso not panicking despite poor start

. . . Madinda going nowhere

By Snodia Mikiri

Highlanders president Ndumiso Gumede says they have not yet pressed the panic button despite a poor start to the season.

Former Bosso chief executive officer Ndumiso Gumede
Former Bosso chief executive officer Ndumiso Gumede

Bosso are yet to win a match in five Premiership outings, managing three draws and two defeats.

Veteran football administrator and club president Gumede said they need time to start posting positive results.

He pleaded with fans for patience while making it clear that they do not have intentions of sacking coach Madinda Ndlovu.

“We are not pressing the panic button. Madinda is going nowhere,” said Gumede.

“People should stop judging us, the league is still starting.

“We need two more weeks to start posting positive results. The guys are still going to the gym and I am positive soon we will be reaping the gym rewards.

“We are doing our best as a team to make sure that we recover the lost time. I assure the fans; they should not lose faith in us. It will be well soon,” said Gumede.

Gumede believes the pre-season player strike is another reason the club is not performing well.

He said the coach is still working around to find the right combinations.

“Madinda did a splendid job last season, he can’t be bad overnight, we will strike the right balance soon.

“Look we lost some of our key players which were part of the project. We brought in fine replacements who are yet to jell.

“Look at our Gabriel Nyoni, he is contributing at CAPS. Those contributions should be ours and maybe we wouldn’t be in this dilemma.

“We are not posing results as expected but there is hope we can be better with time,” he added.

The poor results saw some section of fans protesting over poor results and Gumede said it is their right.

“I am the president of this club and I make the necessary moves, to make sure that we get positive results.

“If we listen to the fans, nobody will be on that team. They even say I should retire.

“They have a lot to say, we will give them an ear but we will take action when necessary,” he said.

Bosso lost some key players who did duty last season including captain Honest Moyo, Vice-captain Gabriel Nyoni, Newman Sianchali, Tafadzwa Sibanda and Nigel Makumbe.

Gumede was elevated from a board member. H-Metro