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Mystery Lamborghini Avedantor S in Harare

A mysterious Harare man last week landed a Lamborghini Avedantor S worth about R7.48m in neighbouring South Africa.

Lamborghini Avedantor SThe owner of the big brother of the Lamborghini family is still not known, although the car has been spotted in and around Harare’s northern suburbs, including a popular shopping centre.

It still did not have “number plates” although it could not be immediately established if all Zimra paperwork had been completed for the mystery owner to roam the streets of Harare.

The Avedantor is powered by a V12 engine, which produces a 544kW and a 350km/h top speed.

Notable features include new four-wheel steering system, significantly enhanced suspension, electronics and customisable driving modes and 0-100km/h in 2.9 seconds.

Lamborghini says the Avedantor S has been developed around a total control concept to provide a superior drive, ride and performance while every aspect of the car’s suspension and electronic systems has been advanced. H-Metro