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Zim-Cape Town community donates to Idai victims . . . Chihwa Tours provide free transport

By Charles Mushinga

Cape Town based Zimbabweans have come good on their pledge to support Cyclone Idai victims.

cape townCoordinated and transported by Chihwa Tours, the donations came in the form of groceries, shoes, clothing and other items.

Over 250 bags of goods were brought to Zimbabwe by a Chihwa Tours bus and container courtesy of the Cape Town contingent.

The goods included 215 bags of clothes, 22 bags of shoes, four bags of groceries, three boxes of cooking oil and two bales of blankets.

Tawanda Mwashita, the Chihwa Tours Manager, said the donations are proof of the love Zimbabweans in the diaspora have for their country and the social responsibility and humane side of their business,

“We provided transport free of charge and also facilitated the clearing of the goods at the border. It was duty free. We sent our buses to collect and load the goods from all over Cape Town to bring them to a central place and we also added a couple of our own donations.

“Led by our CEO Mr Mukahanana, we thought this was our small way to give back to society and to our customers. We also cater for the Chipinge route, and pass through Chimanimani, these are the areas worst hit by the cyclone and we found it necessary to stretch our hands to these friends of ours since they are the same passengers who give us business and make us who we are,” he said.

Mwashita praised government and border authorities from both the SA and Zimbabwe sides for smooth processing of documents to ensure Cyclone Idai victims get their donations as soon as possible.

“Everything went well, we did not have any delays. Even the Zimra guys, when we called them they immediately availed themselves. The guys from (Ministry of) Local Government, Public works and National Housing, who assisted us with duty clearing, they did so whole heartedly – just like the Zimbabweans in Cape Town who donated all these things,” said Mwashita.

Chihwa Tours is under a group of companies formed by Zimbabweans based in SA under the stewardship of Mr Mukahanana.

“We have Chapani Mining and construction and we are also into farming here in Zimbabwe so Zimbabwe is home for us and we will continue to lend a hand whenever a need like this arises.”

Mwashita and his team handed over the goods to the Ministry of Local Government, Public works and National Housing.

“The ministry promised to deliver the donations to Chimanimani and or Chipinge within two days and they said they will give us feedback,” said Mwashita. H-Metro