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Man slept with lover in full view of granny

By Gibson Mhaka

A GRANNY from Nkulumane suburb in Bulawayo bitterly complained that she was being emotionally disturbed by her grandson’s nasty actions of frequently bringing his girlfriend into the house and engaging in steamy romps in her full view.

Bekithemba Mpofu
Bekithemba Mpofu

The furious granny, Maria Moyo, said she wanted her disrespectful grandson Bekithemba Mpofu to be evicted from the house as punishment for enjoying an outrageous display before her.

Informing the courts, the livid granny said besides her grandson’s obscene display; Bekithemba was also disturbing her peace by allegedly throwing lavish parties with his friends at the house bragging that the house belonged to his mother who is based in the United Kingdom.

“Bekithemba Mpofu is my grandson and on 11 November 2018, a protection order was granted against him which spells out that he should not threaten me in any way. He was also ordered not to visit my premises for the purpose of causing annoyance, disturb or attack me.

“He has totally ignored the order by the court and has taken advantage of the wording on the order to cause further harassment to myself particularly in that he brings his friends over to my place and throws parties declaring that the house belongs to his mother and that I cannot stop him from staying at the house.

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“He brings his girlfriend over and they indulge in sexual conduct in my full view without even bothering how disgusting and disrespectful it is to me. He also drinks and smokes dagga inside the house despite knowledge of my strong Christian beliefs about such conduct,” complained Moyo in her application for a protection order.

She said her grandson once had a brush with the law when he allegedly looted shops during the violent protests that rocked the country in January this year.

“He steals stuff from people and hides it in my house and I have had to suffer interrogation from the police on a number of times and most recently when he looted from the shops during the January stay away,” she said.

She insisted that she was now living in fear as a result of her grandson’s violent and abusive behaviour.

“Some relatives have since moved out of the house and gone to live in the rural areas because of his violent conduct. The house in question belongs to my daughter Irene Mpofu who is currently in the United Kingdom.

“My daughter has told me that she does not authorise him (Bekithemba) to stay with me at the house. In fact she does not want to see him at the house”.

To substantiate her claims she deposed Mpofu’s affidavit which was also in support of her submissions. In response, a remorseful Bekithemba didn’t dispute his grandmother’s submissions. He regretfully asked for the court’s lenience.

“I am not opposed to the application. But I do not know who is telling my mother such lies that I am harassing my grandmother. I am very sorry and can the court bear with me that I stay at the house until I find alternative accommodation,” begged Bekithemba.

In her ruling the presiding magistrate Rachael Ringisai ordered Bekithemba not to emotionally and verbally abuse his grandmother or threaten her in any way. In addition the magistrate also ordered Bekithemba to leave the house on or before 15 April 2019. B Metro