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Silvaa King on The Vibe: Does it really matter who started ZimDancehall? Plus Bazooker interview

By Silvaa King

Chillspot producer DJ Fantan faced a backlash over comments he made about introducing ZimDancehall in Zimbabwe. He has since tried to clear himself saying he was misunderstood. Personally I don’t think it really matters who started it.

Silvaa King presents The Vibe
Silvaa King presents The Vibe

I feel we should all respect all artists who paved the way for the ZimDancehall culture. 

ZimDancehall is now at a stage where its played even in clubs in the Diaspora as part of a set. We should all be looking for ways on how we can take ZimDancehall to match the levels of Afrobeats, Rhumba, SA House to mention a few.

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I say shout out to all ZimDancehall and Urban Grooves artists pushing the music. Keep doing your thing.

R.I.P to Nipsey Hussle a US Rapper who was gunned down outside his shop. A lot of rappers and singers paid tribute to the late rapper via social media.

There are reports police arrested a man called Eric Holder as the prime suspect.

Nipsey Hussle was also well known for his community work in his hometown. He was also planning a get together with the police in his neighbourhood to help stop gang violence.

Hiphop has suffered a great loss.

There is a new kid on the block called Gary Mapanzure. After a huge success of his hit Wapunza he has yet released another single called Slow .

Check out the video below. I see this kid going far look out for him


Quote of the Week: “Great things never come from comfort zones”

Bazooker interview

Sooo… guess who I managed to get for a quick chat??  Bazooka aka Ndajamuka Ndamuka. If you know Bazooka he is one of the most lyrical ZimDancehall artists on the rise.

Dancehall artiste Bazooker
Dancehall artiste Bazooker

His current biggest hit called Kwedu has hit the airwaves like crazy with over 360k views on Youtube. Bazooker is signed to Chillspot Records which is home for Enzo Ishall (Kanjiva) plus many others.
Silvaa King: Thanks  for coming through The Vibe so whats your real name and give us your date of birth?

Bazooker: Collet Wahita, aged 22, born 30 May 1997

Silvaa King: So besides Bazooka do you have any other names or slogans you go by?

Bazooker: Straight outta ol Ndajamuka ndabuka its a slogan

Silvaa King: Nice.. So how old were you when you started doing music?

Bazooker: I was 14 yrs old  in 2011 doing 2nd year secondary school

Silvaa King: How would you best describe your music genre?

Bazooka: I do zimdancehall kakawanda coz ndoyandozikanwa nawo

Silvaa King: Since you have been doing music what would you say are the advantages and disadvantages?

Bazooker: MaAdvantages… Now ndakukwanisa kushanda with big studio labels lyk Chillspot, Oskid, Military touch Roka fellaz, Chill4rll, Cymplex  jus to mentioned a few Kana ku performer pane mamwe mabig artist pama big shows then to be honest ndakukwanisao kuitirao  family yangu food and bills.

And Madisadvantages it takes time kuti unyatsoenda mumaoko ema producer i mean kut va believer kut unonyatsogona that’s why ndakzoimba song yekuti ndogona then kana uchri underground futi unenge uchitotya kuudza vanhu ol ma producer kuti unoimba and kuma studio kunenge kuchida payment kuti uimbe apa unenge usina.

Silvaa King: Ya ndanzwisisa and very interesting… Who would you say is you biggest influence in Music?

Bazooker: My biggest influence in music is Soul Jah Love

Silvaa King: Do you think Zimdancehall will ever go international same level as Afrobeats or would you say it already is?

Bazooker: Yah izvezvi Zimdancehall yatongofanana level ne Afrobeats nekuti yato as dancehall everywhere zvinosiyana pakuti ma countries ese anenge aku imba ne language yavo and inin i believe kuti Zimdancehall 2 the world 

Silvaa King: What do you think is lacking in the Zimbabwean music industry to make it go international level?

Bazooker: I think kuti Hatina international marketing yacho 

Silvaa King: As for yourself as an artist who is your favourite artist at the moment?

Bazooker: My current favourite artist is Boss Pumacol

Silvaa King: And finally.. What advice would you give the upcoming artists looking for an opportunity?

Bazooker: My advise kuma upcoming artist ndongoti stay focused don’t loose hope mwari anopa munhu wese nguva yake chinongodiwa kushanda nekubatka panoitwa zvemangoma etc big shows and big studio label unogona kuwana mukana….

Silvaa King: Nice one its been great catching up with you bro all the best with your career keep on representing..

Im outta here. Chao!