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Harare twins fined for extortion scam

By Shamiso Dzingire

Identical Harare twin sisters who bashed a man who bedded both of them in a scam to extort him of $3 000 have been fined $100 each for the offence.

Shyleen and Shylet Nyangade
Shyleen and Shylet Nyangade

The twins Shyleen and Shylet Nyangande were fined by Harare magistrate Barbra Mateko after pleading guilty to assault.

However, they pleaded not guilty to extortion and were remanded out of custody to April 24 on $100 bail.

Mandiveyi said the complainant Charles Chikonyora was married to Shyleen but was proposing love to Shylet while they were staying under the same roof.

Prosecutor Sabastian Mutizirwa said Chikonyora and Shyleen were in the bedroom when Shyleen turned up and accused Chikonyora of infidelity.

The two sisters allegedly started assaulting Chikonyora with cooking sticks, fists and open hands.

They recorded the assault on video and blackmailed Chikonyora by threatening to leak the video before demanding US$3 000 from him.

The court heard that in a bid to protect his dignity, Chikonyora paid the amount. However, the video leaked and Chikonyora reported the matter to the police. Daily News