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Bosso star Silla steals team jersey

By Fungai Muderere

Footballers in some cases are portrayed as shallow celebrities who spend more time caring about hairstyles than the real problems of the world. Yet, some players do deserve the rap they get.

Adrian Silla
Adrian Silla

There have been a number of instances of footballers stealing, or at least attempting to, the wives or girlfriends of other professional players.

But it was not recently so with Highlanders midfield enforcer, Adrian Silla but still on the wayward side amid revelations by a Bosso insider that soon after the club engaged in friendly ties in Beitbridge, he proved to be entirely unreliable when a missing uniform was found in his bag.

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“The kit manager had indicated to everyone that there was a missing team jersey. With no positive response from the players, the club’s technical manager Madinda Ndlovu ordered that everyone’s bag be searched. It was after the search that the jersey was found in Adrian Silla’s bag,” said the source.

And as if that is not enough, we have it on good authority that on 16 March 2019, in another self destructive behaviour, the dreadlocked player was left behind by the team bus after reporting late to make the trip to Hwange where Bosso took on Chipangano in a friendly match.

Bosso’s head of secretariat Nhlanhla Dube, who didn’t even bother to say “Thou Shall Not Steal Silla”, could neither confirm nor deny the player’s alleged antics.

“You are the one who is telling me,” said Dube.

Last season, Silla’s bad boy transgressions of substance abuse were carried by this publication.

We also reported that along with friend Denzel Khumalo they were in the habit of seeing older women in the high density suburb of Mzilikazi and Mpopoma.

“It’s like undermining the authority of the technical team. We will not tolerate indiscipline. They believe they are indispensable, but that is a wrong attitude and as a team we would want to correct that. Everyone should know that no one is bigger than the club. There are many players who have done well in the past yet they kept cool heads and are still respected up to now,” we quoted Dube as saying.

Bosso recently went on a rebuilding exercise that saw the club make use of young players in the process putting together a team to clinch trophies in future. B-Metro