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Fans roast Stunner over Winky D tweet

By Blessing Masakadza

Rapper Stunner received backlash for a tweet in which he is teasing Winky D for not winning the hip-hop award for his song Paper Bag.

Desmond "Stunner" Chideme
Desmond “Stunner” Chideme

But people on social media platform were, however, not amused — reminding Stunner that he himself had failed to get a single nomination.

Winky D was nominated in the Star FM awards’ hip-hop category among other categories while Stunner had no single nomination and his only appearance at the awards was when he went on stage accompanying ExQ who walked away with three awards.

Stunner’s tweet was met with severe criticism and everything was thrown at him including his personal marriage to Olinda being brought back.

Stunner has a huge following on social media but that did not work in his favour as a few offered little to no defence.

Having realised the criticism or attacks on his person, Stunner was forced into a climb down and had another tweet trying to explain his position, saying his initial tweet had been wrongly interpreted.

He said he does not have any beef with Winky D describing him as a personal friend.

He added that the tweet was not a diss and he laughed about it with Winky D saying it was going to be hard for them had he scooped the best award.

Again online users had no kind words for him with some suggesting he is seeking relevance and angling for a comeback if Winky D responds to him. DailyNews