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Chitungwiza terminates Clyna Trading’s parking contract

By Yeukai Karengezeka

Chitungwiza Municipality recently terminated its contract with Parkrite Africa owned by Clyna Trading, a private company responsible for the parking management system in the town, due to a number of issues including failure to remit funds.

Chitungwiza town clerk Mr George Makunde
Chitungwiza town clerk Mr George Makunde

The council signed a five-year contract with Clyna Trading in March 2013 where the firm was responsible for electronic billing and collection of fees, rentals and other applicable rates for motor vehicles within the jurisdiction of the municipality.

Town clerk Dr George Makunde confirmed the development. “Yes, we recently terminated the contract with Clyna Trading, but we still have some pending matters,” he said.

“There was also a resolution passed by the former councillors to terminate the contract.”

Dr Makunde said they were still waiting for their auditors to determine the value of investment made by Clyna Trading.

“Our auditors are still on the ground together with those of Clyna to verify the value of investment that was made by Clyna,” he said.

“They have to determine the amount of money which should have been paid to the council and that which was submitted during the course of the engagement.”

The council’s finance director Mrs Evangelista Machona told a special council meeting that she had written a letter to Clyna claiming council’s dues, but the firm did not respond and was also dragging its feet on engaging an external auditor. The Herald