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Mai Suluma longs for national tour

Canada based gospel diva Shingisai Suluma, popularly known as Mai Suluma, is longing for an opportunity to reconnect with her local fans through a nationwide tour.

Janet Manyowa and Shingisai Suluma
Janet Manyowa and Shingisai Suluma

Mai Suluma, the Joy Street Choir leader, left Harare over a decade ago, relocating to the United States before migrating to Canada last year 2018.

She told the Daily News on Sunday how she misses her local fans.

“Since I left the country a decade ago, I have never got a chance to reconnect with my fans dotted across the country save for those in Harare. I am longing for a day when I will tour the country for the sake of my fans outside Harare,” the highly-gifted songstress said.

While in US and Canada, Mai Suluma said she performed largely in churches dominated by non-Shona speakers.

“I sing English songs while I am in USA and Canada for me to connect well with my fans there. I only use Shona when I am performing before Zimbabweans living in Diaspora,” she said.

This past year Mai Suluma showed that she is far from slowing down as she gave energy-filled performances when she returned to the capital on two different occasions. She was the headline performer at Janet Manyowa’s Grateful album launch at the Celebration Centre in October before once again wooing her multitudes of followers at the “One Voice Concert” last month.

Mai Suluma however, reckons that a lot has changed in the country’s music landscape since she left the country in 2008.

“There are some changes in the local music industry in general. There are now too many musicians, which is a positive development.

“When I left the country, I was not aware of Janet (Manyowa). I met her on social media where people were comparing her type of music to mine; it is from then that we clicked,” she said.

Mai Suluma, who is turning 48 next month, said she will this year release a number of singles.

“I have realised that singles are marketable more as compared to full studio albums. Some of the songs on the album will not get attention as they will be overshadowed by others,” she said.

One of Mai Suluma’s career highlights was in 2013 when she performed at former president Robert Mugabe’s 89th birthday hosted by State House staff.

Mugabe is one of Suluma’s staunch fans and once revealed that his favourite song is the songstress’ song, Nanhasi.

The Fara Zvakadaro singer, whose discography includes Fara Zvakadaro, Maitiro Enyu, Tidzidzisei Kunamata, Mai Vangu, Tatenda Taona, Gogodza and Mirira Mangwanani among others moved to overseas a decade ago to pursue education.

“Home is always best. We hope to come back after we completed our studies. My husband is still pursuing a PhD in Theology and I have since graduated with a Masters’ degree in Christian Education,” she said.

“I really miss my friends and relatives in Zimbabwe. It’s been long. Apart from them, I also miss organic food,” she said. Daily News.