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Man who defrauded cooperative remanded

By Shamiso Dzingire

A Dzivarasekwa man who masqueraded as a Nehanda Housing Cooperative chairperson before fleecing home seekers of $7 000 by selling them stands in dispute, was back in court for routine remand and update of his case.

The demolition of homes built without planning permission is a common occurrence in Zimbabwe
The demolition of homes built without planning permission is a common occurrence in Zimbabwe

Simba Moyo is facing one charge of fraud after he allegedly sold the stands without the knowledge of the cooperative. He never remitted the money.

He is out of custody on free bail. The case was remanded to next Monday. 

It is the State’s case that on an unknown date but between June 2016 and February 2018, Moyo misrepresented to Tendai Teveraishe and Phyllis Chikukwa that he was the Nehanda Housing Cooperative chairperson and purported to be selling stands.

Moyo allegedly issued Teveraishe and Chikukwa with stamped offer letters. 

He did this even after the registrar of cooperatives had issued a letter banning the sale of the stands after considering section 115 of the Cooperative Societies Act.

The section states that if any dispute concerning the business of a registered society arises between and within registered societies as well as members of societies, the registrar may settle the dispute himself; refer the dispute for settlement to an arbitrator or arbitrators appointed by him; or refer the dispute to the minister for decision.

It is the State’s case that by selling the disputed stands and not remitting the money to the cooperative, Moyo acted unlawfully.

Following his arrest, the secretary-general of the cooperative, Andrew Marauka circulated a notice urging those who were illegally sold stands by Moyo to come forward and regularise their purchases with the cooperative’s legal department. Daily News