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How Pokello replacement ‘helped Elikem find God’

By Bruce Ndlovu

While all eyes have been on his impending divorce from Zimbabwean socialite Pokello Nare, Ghanaian heartthrob Elikem Kumordzie says that the woman who replaced his soon to be ex-wife has added immense in his life, helping him find the importance of prayer and God.

Popular Ghanaian actor and fashion designer, Elikem Kumordzi, has revealed his Zimbabwean wife, Pokello Nare, gets really uncomfortable when he plays romantic roles in movies.
Popular Ghanaian actor and fashion designer, Elikem Kumordzi seen here with Pokello

After their glamorous marriage which started with flirtation on the Big Brother show in which they both represented their countries and ended with a marriage that was sealed by the payment of $25 000 as bride prize by Elikem, the two recently got embroiled in divorce drama after Elikem indicated that he wanted to end their short-lived union.

The Ghanaian indicated that differences between him and wife, who he has not been living with, were irreconcilable, something which Pokello denied.

As he reflected on his life this week, the Ghanaian acknowledged that things had not been rosy, with various curves on his journey that he had to negotiate.

“Life has shown me that through its scope you live and learn, learn and live while moments can either break you or mend scars for the good through its ups and downs.

Elikem and Pokello with their son
Elikem and Pokello with their son

“The beauty of its ups and downs is that they take your through journeys you never thought you’d embark on and make ordinaries extraordinary or vice versa. Through it mistakes are made and lessons are learnt, however, the journey continues and we have to embrace it.”

While the matter of his marriage has still not been resolved, Elikem disclosed how the new woman in his life had improved his spiritual life.

“Today life has given me the chance to be able to count my blessings and never hate myself but pick myself up and keep moving forward because everything happens for a reason and these have molded me to be the me I am today. This being said I have moved on and I am now very happy and enjoying new experiences in my journey with my head up.

Elikem Kumordzie and Pokello in happier times
Elikem Kumordzie and Pokello in happier times

“I am truly excited for this realisation and ready to let life cascade me through this beautiful journey. This journey is beautiful because I am sharing it with someone who shares the same visions and the same belief as me.

“I am sharing it with an exciting and incredible person who has brought me closer to God. Who has made understand what prayer means. When you have a woman who tells you daily that life is meaningless unless you put God first in everything you do, it’s at this point you realise that the life of partying and being out there is vanity,” he said. Sunday News