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Abused wife left in debt

By Lisa Mangena

A Bulawayo man was yesterday dragged to the maintenance court by his estranged wife who was claiming $500 for the upkeep of their three children and spousal maintenance saying he left her in debt.


Ms Ellen Mpofu said her then husband, Mr Charles Gondo, was abusive and refused to let her work or go to school.

She also said Mr Gondo is a director at a local company.

“Gondo was violent, he physically abused me to the extent that I’m now wearing spectacles. When I was in hospital he never helped me with medical bills. As it is, I need new glasses; the ones I have expired sometime in April. Since he refused to let me seek employment he has to give me money so that I also survive,” said Ms Mpofu.

“He left me in debt, for the three years that we lived together he never paid water bills. I can’t take care of those because I’m unemployed.”

Mr Gondo who was represented by Mr Tinashe Runganga from Tanaka Law Chambers said Ms Mpofu had to adjust to the new life and get herself something to do since she is able-bodied.

“Some women are selling sweets, why can’t she do the same and do something that can help her generate some income and be able to take care of herself and the children,” he said.

Mr Runganga told the court Mr Gondo was paying for the children’s upkeep.

“Gondo pays school fees, buys groceries. He can only offer to pay $100 per child and $50 as spousal maintenance. $500 is just too much because he is a mere engineer who depends on piece jobs, he’s not formally employed like what Ms Mpofu is claiming,” he added.

The magistrate Ms Ulukile Mlea ordered Mr Gondo to pay $400 for the upkeep of the children and his ex-wife.

“Gondo will pay $400 with effect from the end of this month. He will pay $100 per child for the three children and $100 as spousal maintenance until you divorce,” said the magistrate. The Chronicle.