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Jackie Mgido lands new Hollywood gig

By Bruce Ndlovu

While she has become known for her famous makeovers that transform Zimbabwean women, celebrity make-up artiste Jackie Mgido has not completely abandoned her Hollywood roots just as yet, as she recently landed a slot as a make-up artiste on a potential Hollywood blockbuster.

Jackie Mgido (Picture via Forbes Africa)
Jackie Mgido (Picture via Forbes Africa)

Since September Mgido has been busy behind the scenes of an upcoming Hollywood movie titled Fatale, a flick that is set to feature stars such as Hillary Swank, Michael Ealy and Mike Colter.

Over the past few weeks, the renowned celebrity make-up artiste has been giving fans a glimpse of life behind the scenes of a big budget movie, as she brushes up the looks of some of Hollywood’s most sought after stars.

“ . . . All my Zimbo fam and African fam. We can afford to dream and turn passion into a paying passion. My bonus is working with a cast and production company that believes in dreamers,” she wrote on one of her social media pages.

Fatale centres on a married man being tricked into a murder scheme by a seductive female police detective, portrayed by Swank. Taylor is directing and producing with his Hidden Empire Film Group partners Roxanne Avent and Robert F. Smith. David Loughery wrote the screenplay.

Endeavor Content will handle worldwide sales. Avent will oversee the production for Hidden Empire Film Group, which is fully financing the movie.

Mgido, a former Eveline High School girl, has done makeup and pimped up the looks of some of Hollywood finest who include Ne-yo, Denzel Washington, Sylvester Stallone, Wiz Khalifa, Gayle King, John Legend and LL Cool.

Vault Cosmetics has gradually grown popular in Zimbabwe in the last few years, due to its dramatic transformations on women who had the pleasure of being vaulted.

The Vault brand has grown from strength to strength since it was launched in the capital in 2014, with new branches sprouting around the country and elsewhere around the continent and beyond. Sunday News.