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Jackie Mgido speaks on nine year Vault journey

By Bruce Ndlovu

While many in the world of cosmetics envy her global influence which has seen her mingle with big-shot Hollywood stars, celebrity Zimbabwean make-up artiste and Vault Cosmetics owner Jackie Mgido has said that she initially struggled to get manufacturers that could come up with products compatible with African skin and climate.

Jackie Mgido (Picture via Forbes Africa)
Jackie Mgido (Picture via Forbes Africa)

Mgido, a former Eveline High School girl who initially made her name on the sets of blockbuster Hollywood movies, has become an inspirational figure in the world of cosmetics with her Vault Cosmetics empire expanding to many countries around Africa and beyond.

While thanking Zimbabwe and Kenya as the countries that had supported her dream to turn Vault Cosmetics into an empire, Mgido revealed that it had not all been rosy in the begin as cosmetics manufacturers in America did not share her vision of cosmetics tailor made for African women.

“Zimbabwe and Kenya, your support for the Jacque Mgido brand has just been outstanding. I started this brand nine yrs ago. (It was) Branded for the first three years and realized that the manufacturers were not listening to my concerns. I wanted to create custom products that were adaptable to all climates, not just to America. I needed a chemist of my own. I wanted products that had every woman in mind but especially my African sisters,” he said.

Although she singled out Zimbabwe and Kenya for praise, Mgido said that the progress of her brand could not have been possible without the support of other countries from around the world.

“I could not have achieved this without the support of my customers in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada and Asia. Thank you for believing in my chemist, Peter. My mind that is constantly thinking, how do I make it easier and better?” she said. Sunday News.