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Michael Jackson ALIVE? Frenzy over King of Pop’s ‘nameless empty crypt’

By Callum Hoare

Micheal Jackson is alive after faking his death, according to a wild conspiracy theory. Earlier this week, the King of Pop topped Forbes’ list for the highest paid dead celebrity of 2018, despite passing away in 2009 from an overdose of prescription drugs.

RUMOURS: Some believe Jackson is still alice
RUMOURS: Some believe Jackson is still alice

The Thriller singer raked in $400million (£310million) over the past year, mostly from the sale of his EMI Music Publishing stake.

Additional cash also came in from his Mijac Music catalogue, a new Sony record deal and projects like TV special “Michael Jackson’s Halloween”, which returned to CBS on October 20.

And as Jackson topped the list for the sixth year in a row, conspiracy theories have emerged once more over the legitimacy of his death.

LEGEND: Michael Jackson changed pop music (Pic: GETTY)

Video footage shows Jackson’s crypt located at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles.

It was supposedly posted online by his cousin Latoya on his birthday this year (June 25), but some eagled-eye viewers have a problem with it.

“There is still no name on his crypt and it’s because he is not dead and not inside,” one woman revealed for the camera.

“He is not buried there, nothing adds up.

“Absolutely nothing, something was wrong with the death certificate, and then the coroner and the autopsy – it all adds up.”

The clip was uploaded to YouTube, where it has since racked up more than 3,000 hits.

And viewers were stunned.

“You are so right, I agree – if he were dead, why wouldn’t they have his name right there!

“I’d think it would be in gold letters,” one claimed.

Another added: “Michael is alive.”

And a third claimed: “When he faked his death, he did it for a reason, maybe he wanted to be alone.”

The talented artist has been surrounded with controversy since his death nine years ago.

Just two months ago, a mismatch on his death certificate sparked frenzy among fans.

And before that, one conspiracist made an extraordinary discovery in a song by Jackson’ sister.

The talented artist has been surrounded with controversy since his passing nine years ago.

His father reportedly made him “physically sick” when he visited because he abused the singer in his childhood.

And the superstar was the subject of rumours from the press as his skin colour changed throughout his life.

But Daily Star Online revealed the truth behind the rumours in an interview with family insider Sharon Carpenter. Daily Star.