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Shero Awards to celebrate female power

By Tsitsi Ndabambi

Creative director for successful UK pageants and fashion events that celebrate the African woman Bianca Letwin Maringisanwa popularly known as Bianca Mari is celebrating unsung female heroes on November 2, 2018, at Meikles Hotel.

Bianca Letwin Maringisanwa
Bianca Letwin Maringisanwa

The Shero Gala Awards which will be a black tie and evening gown promises to be different as portrayed by Bianca.

“This event is not going to recognise famous or top women in society only; all women in society will be awarded,” said Bianca in a phone interview from her London offices.

“Having realised that every woman has the power to succeed in their inner-self but the strength needs something to invoke its manifestation, I came up with the idea of these awards.

“The Shero Awards is meant to recognise women doing significant achievements in business, arts, sports and community responsibility.

“There are six categories which include the Girl Boss Apprentice competition in which the main goal is to promote the young women in business or those who aspire to be in business through networking opportunities with those women who are already established in business.

“This exposure will help them discover themselves more, get inspired and acquire opportunities as well as realise their strengths and weaknesses. The winners of Girl Boss Apprentice will be given support for their businesses.”

She spoke of an interesting initiative, the Mamapreneur Award. This is meant to recognise mothers who have achieved amazing things through small businesses like vending and tuck shop operations.

“There are many of these women who have managed to support their children to universities, built houses, bought cars through small business; these are the women who may never have imagined winning a business award which is going to motivate them to cast their nets further,” she said.

For the rest of the categories, the ladies who were nominated by the public are being voted for on their social media page.

On that evening they are going to launch the Dress for Empowerment initiative a non-profit making initiative meant to empower the girl child through fashion and beauty events to achieve economic independence by providing development tools.

MC Prominence and MC Vickie Mlilo will be directing the ceremony with DJ Mr Cool entertaining the audience.

Unfortunately as advertised on the flier there will not any entertainment from any local female talents except for the gentlemen who according to Bianca will be complimenting and supporting the ladies.

Bianca is the Afro model who featured in the Black History Month edition in Birmingham when she brought her dream to life in 2012. She had then organised a beauty pageant after being a creative director for several other beauty events in the UK.

It is after that event when Shero was born. The birth was inspired by feedback from several young women who made her discover her calling as a mentor and life coach for women.

Having realised that every woman has the power to succeed in their inner-self but the power needs some invoking to its manifestation.

Shero is a portmanteau of the words “She” for female and “Hero”, therefore meaning woman hero (heroine). The Herald.