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Rudo Boka demands adultery damages

… as hubby stays with lover. 

By Latwell Nyangu

Businesswoman and entrepreneur Rudo Boka is claiming adultery damages from a woman who reportedly snatched her husband, H-Metro can reveal.

Businesswoman Rudo Boka and husband, Noah Jabulani Mutambanengwe
Businesswoman Rudo Boka and husband, Noah Jabulani Mutambanengwe

Through her lawyers Devittie Rudolph and Timba Legal Practitioners, Rudo, filed a letter of final demand to her husband Noah Jabulani Mutambanengwe and Lorrain Chitereka who is employed as Finance and Administration Manager with Delta Beverages in Chitungwiza.

Contacted for comment, Rudo’s defence counsel Nyasha Timba, said she could not be drawn into giving much details concerning the matter since it is now with the High Court.

“I am not at liberty to comment on the issue in detail because it has been referred to the High Court and we are now waiting for the court to make its normal processes.

“I am sure if you go to the High Court you will get the documents in full since it’s a public document and I can’t comment on other parties but we are now waiting for the court to determine on when will the matter will be heard,” she said.According to the letter, in possession of this publication, addressed to Noah and Lorrain, Rudo is still married to Noah under the marriage Act (5:11) and the marriage still subsists.

Read part of the letter:

“It has come to our client’s knowledge that you are currently engaged in an adulterous affair with Noah with the knowledge of the marriage that subsists between him and our client.

“We are further informed that such an affair resulted in our client’s husband moving out of the matrimonial home around August 2017 on the pretext of needing space to deal with the emotional loss of having his children from his prior marriage relocate to America without his consent and also purportedly to start a business when in fact he was residing with you,” read part of the letter.”

Added the letter:

“Our client is also informed that you purport to be customarily married to our client’s husband and claim that you are in a polygamous marriage.

“To this end, we are advised that you commenced referring to yourself with double barrel name, Lorrain Chitereka-Mutembanengwe on social media thereby publicising the affair and bringing it to our client’s knowledge.

“Further you have been utilising resources that belong to our client in facilitating the adulterous affair.

“The conduct offends the sacred institution of marriage and has caused our client considerable emotional injury and denied the couple’s two-year-old son, love, affection, attention and provision from his father.”

However, according to a close source, Rudo and Noah have been married since 2016.

“They have been married since 2016 but we suspect that Noah and Lorrain have been dating since then because Noah is said to have paid lobola for Lorrain last year in August.

“They served with this letter last Friday and they seem to have ignored to respond which will see the matter going to the High Court.

“I suspect the respondents took the matter lightly and thought Rudo won’t be interested to be taking the case to High Court.

“They also assumed she won’t be interested in being on the limelight,” said the source. H-Metro