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Couple allegedly assaulted by Mbombela police

A man and a woman were allegedly pushed and kicked by police officers while being accused of telling them how to do their jobs.

Two local traffic officers are currently under investigation following the alleged assault on a husband and wife in Valencia on Friday, reports Lowvelder.

The scene of the alleged assault. Image: Lowvelder
The scene of the alleged assault. Image: Lowvelder

“How would you feel when somebody assaults your wife, while you helplessly look on?” Mahmoud Khedr said as he recalled the event of that morning.

He was on his way to take his father to home affairs to get his visa when he was pulled over by two officials.

“I checked in the glove compartment when I realised that I had left my licence in my other vehicle,” he said.

As he wasn’t far from home, he offered to walk home to go fetch it. But one of the officers, who cannot be named as no arrests have been made, allegedly prevented him from doing so. The Citizen