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Song of the year race on

By Blessing Masakadza

It is three months before the year ends and the race for the song of the year has opened with a number of artistes already positioning themselves with a number of chart-topping releases.

Stunner, ExQ and Charlie Kay
Stunner, ExQ and Charlie Kay (Pictures by Michael Tubes Creations)

And musicians such as ExQ, Winky D, Killer T and Alick Macheso are already front runners.

On the gospel music front Mathias Mhere and Janet Manyowa are also contenders.

Radio presenters who preferred anonymity for professional reasons tipped ExQ as a front runner considering the waves he has made so far this year.

ExQ has so far delivered hits which have made noise on the airwaves.

Songs such as Tsvigiri, Pahukama which featured Jah Prayzah and Nzenza have been well embraced and topped local radio charts.

Tsvigiri and Pahukama have also come with beautiful videos which will surely be in contention for the video of the year come December 31.

Dancehall icon Winky D has been the front runner on the dancehall front following the release of his album Gombwe.

The album has come with chart toppers such as Ngirozi which featured gospel outfit Vabatai VaJehova something which appealed more to music lovers.

The song had an accompanying music video which reached the one million views on YouTube.

Killer T on the other hand has also come in with hits such as Hondo which featured Jah Prayzah, Kufamba KwaPaurosi and Ndini Ndamuda which has an accompanying video which has also hit the one million mark.

The songs are certainly in contention for the song of the year gong.

On the sungura front, veteran singer Alick Macheso is no doubt the leading contender following the release of his album Dzinosvitsa Kure.

The album has made waves on the local music front with songs such as Ndakakutadzirei, Kudzwai and Pfuma becoming favourites of many.

Despite it, according to some critics, not being the best to come from the sungura virtuoso, it is common knowledge that whenever the singer comes up with a new product, he will dominate the charts with his huge and loyal following voting for him.

Youthful sungura musician Romeo Gasa is one man who dared enter the race with Macheso but the result is clearly disastrous.

On the gospel music front, Mhere has done his part and positioned himself with his latest release Panogara Nyasha.

The album has seen him dominating charts such as the gospel greats with the title track Panogara Nyasha and also the song Matables providing cover.

“I did my best on the album and I believe it reached far considering the number of responses we are getting from people in different parts of the country,” he said.

Believe it or not Baba Harare has also joined the race with his song The Reason Why with a jiti feel which is now widely known as Hat Dzemurara. The song comes with a video which has been well embraced by music lovers which has opened several doors for the artiste.

There are still three months to go and other artistes are yet to drop new stuff.

Music circles have it that Jah Prayzah will be coming in with new releases before year end. His early release with Jah Cure has not been much of a success. His other release Ronika was met with resistance from music lovers.

It should be noted that he has been included in songs that have so far rocked the airwaves such as Ex Q’s Pahukama and Killer T’s Hondo.

On the dancehall front, not much has been heard from chanters such as Soul Jah Love and he will be looking to his latest album Naka Dhula Dhaka to revive his waning fortunes.

Seh Calaz rocked the airwaves with the Mbanje song following reports that the government had legalised the farming of the herb/drug but that is surely not enough to make it to the list of the song of the year. He is also looking to his latest album Ndakatumwa to make it.

Another chanter Freeman has been unlucky, with his latest album Mukuru Wekambani yet to take him to levels of glory he reached with songs such as Zvakaipa Dai ndarega.

The only hit his fans have heard him on so far is Ex Q’s Nzenza.

There is also a new crop of dancehall musicians such as Jah Signal who have also done a great job so far with releases such as Sweetie.

There is also Enzo Ishall who has made it in the industry with trending songs such as Kanjiva. Daily News.

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