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Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo Snr: Mnangagwa violence commission wasting tax payers money

By Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo Snr

So Emmerson Mnangagwa appointed Professor Lovemore Madhuku another Presidential Candidate in the just ended polls to be part of the post-election violence commission of inquiry. Whose interest is the honourable Professor going to represent considering he was a candidate too in that election?

Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo
Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo

Do we need such a high profiled commission (wasting tax payers money) to fly from across the world only to come ask Constantino Chiwenga, Phillip Valerio Sibanda or Douglas Nyikayaramba who ordered those soldiers to open fire on civilians? Why not empower the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission and give it some teeth to carry out such duties impartially?

I have no confidence in these commissions they are usually set up to cover up the sins of those in power n the political elites. Where are the findings of Dumbutshena Commission and Chihambakwe Commission?

I have no confidence in Professor Charity Manyeruke we all know her political affiliations and her bias.

After all is said and done those soldiers will be sacrificed or used as scapegoats they will be accused of firing live bullets without being given orders and the army bosses who ordered them to do so will get away with it. The commission will also blame the opposition for getting into the streets and ED will come out a saint after all this. Thats when you will realise that all is vanity.

Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo, Senior is a human rights defender based in Kwekwe.He writes in his personal capacity. He is reachable on his Whatsapp +32485850059