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City offers discounts on bill payments

By Melissa Makoto

Harare City Council is offering discounts on bill payments for residential properties for 90 days from July 23 to October 23.

File picture of Harare Town House
 Harare Town House

In a statement issued by council’s acting finance director Mr Stanley Ndemera yesterday, the city said the discount was only targeting a few.

“Targeted ratepayers are residential properties, which are paid up, residential properties in arrears and rented residential properties,” he said.

Mr Ndemera said both the paid up residential accounts and accounts in arrears would be discounted 50 percent of the amount.

“And accounts in arrears will be discounted 50 percent for every payment made towards liquidation of arrears on condition that the arrears will be cleared within 90 days,” he said.

Mr Ndemera assured residents that they will try and minimise errors and all the calculations would be done automatically by the system.

“The awarding of the discounts will be done automatically by the system to minimise errors due to human intervention,” he said.

“The ICT division will be given the rules by revenue collection manager for these discounts to enable them to develop a programme for the implementation of the rules.” The Herald.