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Robert Mugabe Junior comments on Zim violence

Robert Mugabe Junior
Robert Mugabe Junior

Posting a picture of a burning campaign vehicle, he also called for God’s intervention in the country that former president Robert Mugabe ruled for more than 37 years.

“This is not the Zimbabwe I grew up in. This is not the Zimbabwe I know,” he wrote on his Instagram story.

“But let God do God’s work.”

Robert Jnr is now based in South Africa, where he is studying and has also set up his clothing label xGx.

Several people have been reported dead in the capital after soldiers opened fire on protesting crowds. In the process, innocent citizens who were going about their business and not involved in the protest were also killed in the crossfire.

However, during Mugabe’s rule he was also accused of using brutal force to thwart citizen’s voices.

Mugabe says his leadership ended as a result of a coup de’tat, after the army rolled tanks into the streets of Harare.

The nonagenarian was then forced to resign during the operation which brought the country to a halt in November last year.

Robert Jnr has always been honouring his father’s rule and even calling him the greatest of all times.

After Mugabe’s fall, Emmerson Mnangagwa took over and had painted himself as a different leader from Mugabe, but reports are that nothing has changed and in-fact things are getting worse. DailyNews.