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Baba Tencen in anti-Mnangagwa campaign

By Vasco Chaya

The list of artists who have released “election materials” ahead of forthcoming harmonised election is continuously growing with the latest being South Africa-based comedian Baba Tencen, who has posted his homemade video on social media, subtly de-campaigning incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Baba Tencen
Baba Tencen

The video clip has since gone viral on social media sites as the southern African country gears for elections scheduled for July 30.

“2018 gore rekuchinja zvinhu … matinetsa pasocial media muchitaura nhingi pfee, nhingi pfee, muchipa mareasons enyu akakora … hazvisizvo zvatirikuda izvozvo. (2018 is a year of change … we are tired of political talk on social media saying pfee pfee, giving your silly reasons … that is not what we want).

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“Taneta kudya sadza nemachunks … nyika yedu yanga yakakosha … asi tava kuita mbiri yemabhero … mbiri yekupihwa chikafu … nemaNGOs. (We are tired of poverty, eating soya chunks … our country was so important … but of late we are known for wearing second-hand clothes … and relying on donors for food),” he said in part of the video before urging Zimbabweans to vote wisely in the forthcoming harmonised elections.

The video was hugely interpreted as targeting Mnangagwa, as the Zanu PF leader’s supporters use the slogan “ED pfee” in his campaigns.

Born Pepukai Zvemhari in Masvingo, Baba Tencen is among the millions of people who crossed national borders in search of employment and better living conditions. Across the Limpopo, the comedian worked as a caretaker at Forever Resorts in Pretoria despite the fact that he passed his Ordinary Levels well.

Meanwhile, Baba Tencen — whose other popular video clips include Kuripwa Kugara, Kuripwa Zvihuta, Kuripwa Kugara muInformal Settlement and How I Got Out Of Trouble in Mozambique among others — is not the first person to use art in tackling political issues ahead of July 30.

Recently, gospel musician Gift Mahlupeka released a jingle NaSacco Tinoenda Mberi where he literally endorsed Mnangagwa and Zanu PF candidate for Chimanimani East, Joshua Sacco, ahead of the elections.

“Yangu vhoti pana Sacco … Chimanimani East vhotera Joshua Sacco. Nemukwasha tinoenda mberi … naVaMnangagwa tinoenda mberi … negarwe tinoenda mberi (I will vote for Sacco … Chimanimani East vote for Joshua Sacco … We will go forward with our son-in-law … We will go forward with Mnangagwa),” goes part of Mahlupeka’s song.

In an interview with the Daily News, Mahlupeka said; “I wrote it in solidarity with my friend Sacco who is campaigning for the Chimanimani East seat. He brought some notable development in the area since he became the acting MP after the expulsion of Samuel Undenge,” Mahlupeka, who hails from Chimanimani, said.

On the other hand, dancehall chanter Winky D recently released a controversial song Parliament, which was hugely interpreted as an endorsement of the opposition MDC Alliance.

“Vamwe vati ita chiindependent candidate. Hapachadi zvema pato pakuda solo zhet, Tombomira kusimbisana pakuda shanduko,” (Some say stand as an independent candidate … but divisions are a thing of the past, we now need to be united … let’s not fool each other, change is now needed),” goes part of the song.

Jonathan Banda, who manages the affairs of Winky D, defended the musician saying the controversial song has nothing to do with politics. Daily News