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Rape, robbery and kidnap brothers jailed 42 years

By Sukoluhle Ndlovu

Two brothers from Silobela have been sentenced to a combined 42 years imprisonment after they were convicted of rape, robbery, assault and kidnapping charges by a Gweru regional magistrate.

File picture of an empty prison cell
File picture of an empty prison cell

Stanford Sibanda (29) and his teenage brother Misheck (19) were convicted of four counts of rape, robbery, assault and rape by Mr Morgan Nemadire.

Stanford was sentenced to 25 years in jail while Misheck was sentenced to 17 years.

The two had eight years suspended on condition of good behaviour meaning Stanford with serve an effective 17 years in jail while Misheck will serve nine.

Passing sentence, Mr Nemadire said the two were a danger to society.

“You displayed the worst cruelty by kidnapping and forcing a woman to walk naked while carrying a heavy sack of maize. You went on to take turns to rape her,” said Mr Nemandire.

He said in passing sentence the court had taken into consideration Misheck’s age and was of the view that he was influenced by his brother hence he was sentenced to less years.

Mr Nemandire however said the two deserved deterrent sentence for treating a woman like a mere object.

Lloyd Mavhiza represented the state. The Chronicle