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Bev quits Zimbabwe… life in SA is great… but

By Trust Khosa

South Africa based raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda, who left the capital in May this year, might be homesick but she won’t be coming back anytime soon.

Beverly Sibanda
Beverly Sibanda

She says while she is desperate to be ‘reunited’ with fans and family, Bev said she has a ‘massive backlog’ of booked shows to fulfill.

And if Bev were to come back home, it would be on serious business only before she immediately returns to her new base.

Speaking to H-Metro last night, Bev said she was making a killing in South Africa.

“I’m homesick and missing my fans there but hapana zvekuzviita,” said the outspoken the dancer.

“I hold shows from Thursdays to Sundays sezvo tavakuzivikanwa kunokuka isu.

“I’m not sure when I will be back but maybe in August.

“If I happen to come there, I won’t be staying for long since I have a lot of commitments here.”


Bev, who appears to have settled well in South Africa, said the gamble she made was paying even though it was a trial.

Beverly Sibanda

“Coming here was a bold move I made since it created new opportunities for me, ndomukana wacho plus mari ye the whole week ndoibata ne two days,” she said.

While all appears rosy for Bev who left other members behind, she said she still has them in mind.

“I have three girls here in South Africa while others are in Zimbabwe.

“Here I stay in Croydon while other dancers stay in Kempton Park and we always link up when going for performances and rehearsals.

“Ever since I came here with the girls, I can’t complain because there are a lot of opportunities this side as compared to Zimbabwe even though I still love my country.”



Besides fulfilling her dream as a celebrity, Bev said she had no freedom of movement despite being well remunerated.

“Yah mari inonaka zvayo but I am afraid of thieves and thugs. Haisi nyika iri free, I love my country and I will be coming there one day but at the moment, I have a tight schedule since I have signed a lot of contracts that I cannot easily terminate,” she said.


Owing to her busy schedule over booked shows, she also commented on the relevance of her manager Harpers Mapimhidze, who has been alternating between Jo’burg and Harare.

Currently, the manager is in Zimbabwe while Bev is in South Africa.

The arrangement has created debate on whether they were still together or not, an issue she also cleared:

“We are still together, even with the other guys we left behind in Zimbabwe.

“As for his (Harpers) case, you can ask him, he is one of us and there is nothing he can do because we have contracts down here.”


Besides her busy schedule, Bev said she was still in touch with her family, especially her son Kudzie.

“I talk to him (son) everyday over the phone and we are cool with that arrangement.

“I will see him when I visit but I always talk to my son on daily basis.”


Bev’s manager said he was still working with Bev even though a lot is happening ‘behind the scenes’, which he could not reveal.

“I’m still managing Bev even though I am back home.

“I am actually the one who is paying her rentals and school fees for her son when she sends money.

“Like she indicated, there are some shows which are already booked and there is no need for me to be there since some of the payments have already been made to her.

“When she gets a private show or another engagement, she consults me,” he said.

He, however, said he would not hesitate to try other challenges if he gets new offers.

“Like any other industry, when I get a new opportunity or challenge, I will try it and why not?

“At the moment, I’m still managing Bev and we have already planned some local shows when she comes.

“There are some things Bev do, which I have decided not to be actively involved in but I still manage her,” he said.

Harpers’ return home has sparked a lot of debate on whether they are still together with Bev.

Fellow dance groups and seasoned artistes have been courting him for his services.

Harpers, who doubles as the Dancers Association of Zimbabwe president, is credited for changing the lives of many dancers and advocating for their rights as well as welfare over the years. H Metro