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Police on high alert for unrepentant ex-convicts

By Michael Magoronga

Police in Midlands are closely monitoring more than 3 000 ex-convicts released from prisons under the Presidential amnesty and will arrest those that will dare break the law again, national police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi has said.

Chief Supt Nyathi

Addressing journalists during an election reporting workshop in Gweru on Friday, Chief Supt Nyathi said police will not hesitate to arrest offenders.

President Mnangagwa freed more than 3 000 inmates from jails across the country.

The amnesty has been received with mixed feelings with some arguing that unrepentant ex-convicts would increase crime rates.

“We are closely watching the ex-convicts and surely we are not going to make any selective arrests.

“We will show no mercy to anyone who commits a crime including the ex-convicts,” he said.

“The laws of the country are very clear on anyone who commits a crime.

“And as police our duty is to arrest and we will do exactly that,” Chief Supt Nyathi said.

He urged society to play its part in the rehabilitation exercise of ex-convicts through embracing them and accepting them back.

“It is not the duty of the Government alone to rehabilitate the ex-convicts, everyone has a role to play in rehabilitation of these people, let’s accommodate them and make them part of a society,” he said.

Chief Supt Nyathi said the media also should play a critical role in the rehabilitation exercise by not causing unnecessary panic.

“Through factual and objective reporting, the media play a critical role not only on this issue, but any other issues to do with the nation.

“I therefore urge journalists to be factual and truthful to avoid unnecessary alarm,” he said.

Chief Supt Nyathi took a swipe at people who abuse social media to peddle lies.

“It is disturbing to read sensationalised and exaggerated crimes being committed by these ex-convicts on social media platforms. When we make follow ups we have often realised that there would be nothing like that,” he said.

He urged people not to trust unconfirmed police statements on social media saying the police always make use of mainstream media to make statements. The Herald