Recapitalisation of Zupco is expected to see the parastatal reviving its intra-city routes in line with the National Transport Policy that was launched in 2013.

    Over the years Zupco has been concentrating on servicing long-distance rural routes on account of competition from urban commuter omnibus operators.

    Various efforts have been made before, albeit in vain to revive the ailing parastatal.

    In 2016 the Government opened negotiations with India’s Eximbank for a $25 million loan to purchase at least 290 buses for Zupco.

    Of the 290 buses, 145 were expected to be deployed to intra-city routes towards the phasing of privately owned commuter omnibuses.

    Zupco was the major public transport operator in the 1990s and previous years in both long distance and intra-city routes.

    An estimated one million commuters use urban public transport countrywide daily.

    Zupco has not been receiving assistance from Treasury for over a decade now and the parastatal is teetering on the brink of collapse due to under capitalisation.

    The Government has already successfully set in motion the revival of the National Railways of Zimbabwe after the signing of a $400 million deal with the Diaspora Infrastructure Development Group (DIDG), in partnership with South Africa’s Transnet. The Sunday News