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Music video director Vusa “Blaqs” under fire over insensitive remarks about sexual harassment

By Staff Reporter

Prominent video director, Vusa “Blaqs” Hlatshwayo, who has shot music videos for artists like Jah Prayzah, Ammara Brown and EX-Q, is under fire for making insensitive remarks about women who complain about sexual harassment in the arts industry in Zimbabwe.

Vusa Blaqs

In a voice note widely circulated on social media, the award winning video director, can be heard responding to script writer Amanda Rangawana who was complaining about sexual exploitation in the industry. An unsympathetic Vusa however retorts “If you have a v…. then you need to be f…d”.

Fashion journalist and blogger Bren Mupa did not mince her words, going as far as calling on Vusa Blaqs to be stripped of all the awards he has received so far.

“I was disgusted by his mindset and how he views women. Vusa Blaqs is an award winning music producer who thinks that if you are a beautiful woman then every man should fu** you,” she wrote.

“He says they don’t want drama in the industry meaning “they don’t want women or girls who say no to abuse because that is drama”. Vusa Blaqs feels Amanda is such a shame and has brought shame to herself for speaking out against sexual exploitation in the arts industry.

“He needs to be stripped of any awards that has been awarded to him. He is not a good example of the industry and he is very replaceable!! Vusa Blaqs’s speech has shown Harvey Weinsten’s traits. This should never be condoned! To be precise I am saying #VusaBlaqs_must_fall🇿🇼,” Bren wrote.

On Tuesday, Vusa Blaqs issued an apology on his facebook page saying;

“I’m sorry that I offended a lot people with the voice note that leaked yesterday. Even I listening back realise how stupid and demeaning those comments were and I’m really sorry.  I’m grateful to people in my team and my 3 sisters and friends and family who reached out to correct me. I’m human. I’m learning. I promise to do better and I know my mother is not proud of me right now!

“As a professional in this industry I have worked so many talented sisters and I have always been very respectful. So I’m sorry for letting u and myself down. I have reached out to Amanda and apologised. Please forgive me too.

Hours later he issued a second apology saying;

“I’ve lost everything. Lesson learned. While attempting to be cool on a group I actually dug my own grave. My comments about a sad thing that happened to Amanda have sparked so much outrage that it has actually affected my livelihood. My own actions have put an abrupt end to my career which I worked so hard to established. All morning I’ve been receiving emails from clients cancelling contracts. Yes it’s that bad. I have myself to blame. 

Still I say thank you to my sisters Bren Mupa and Sisa Senkosi and all of you who have spoken out against my disgraceful actions. Once again I hope other men who are perpetrating this violence will learn from my mistakes. And I hereby add my voice to the campaign against sexual harassment. 
Thank you for reprimanding me. #ThePrime has fallen,” Vusa Blaqs wrote. Nehanda Radio