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Zimra lays down rules for trucks in transit

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) has started implementing a programme to seal trucks in transit in a bid to curb and reduce incidents of fraud.

Trucks wait for clearance at Chirundu Border Post

According to a public notice issued by the tax agency, cargo passing through Zimbabwe must only take three days and these include weekend and public holidays.

“To this end, all trucks in transit through Zimbabwe carrying transit cargo shall abide by the following requirements: payment of a sealing fee ($30),” reads the notice, which also advises transiting trucks to use defined routes from point of entry until point of exit.

“Diverting from the route attracts a penalty of $2 000.”

The notice also stated that seal tampering, loss or unauthorised breaking by the transporter shall attract a penalty of $1 300.

Under the Statutory Instrument tanker trucks in transit shall have a maximum of 10 openings or one sealable control box, which locks all openings, among other requirements.

Tanker trucks must have a magnetic top for seals to hold. A deposit equal to duty at stake plus a third shall be paid by transporters who cannot meet the requirements, the notice said. DailyNews