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The Zhuwao Brief Reloaded – Article 07 (ZBR07) – Emmerson’s lack of leadership

By Patrick Zhuwao

Since the emergence of the New Patriotic Front on the public domain last week, I have been inundated by messages from patriotic Zimbabweans from all political persuasions. The one theme that has been common across all the messages has been the deficiency of leadership displayed by Emmerson Mnangagwa. The most insightful of these messages have come from Mashonaland Central province in the wake of Emmerson’s disastrous trip there on Wednesday 7th February 2018.

Minister of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Patrick Zhuwao
Patrick Zhuwao

The people of Mashonaland Central raise several fundamental issues about Emmerson’s visit that all point to a severe lack of leadership on his part. Apart from Emmerson’s leadership deficiencies, Mashonaland Central residents are also concerned by the fact that Emmerson’s regime has taken a decidedly racist approach to the land reform programme.

They are extremely unhappy that Emmerson is choosing to issue 99 year leases to white farmers at the exclusion of indigenous black resettled farmers. This has been made worse by Emmerson’s rejection of the land reform programmes as stated by Nyabadza who described “land reform as a great mistake” when he was explaining how Emmerson has sent him to bring back white farmers from Australia.

One of these leadership deficiencies that Emmerson displayed relates to his behaviour and manner of speaking. Mashonaland Central is convinced that Emmerson is possessed by evil satanic spirits as displayed by the use of hate speech when he chanted “pasi nemhanduuuuu”. Ane ngozi. They are convinced that he is possessed by the restless spirits of the victims of 2008.

Mashonaland Central bore the brunt of the atrocities committed in 2008 since Operation Makavhotera Papi targeted what was perceived to be Dr Joice Mujuru’s stronghold. This line of thinking was reinforced by Rugeje’s the statement that President Mugabe was illegally deposed by the military during the bloody coup of 15 November 2017.

Emmerson made his case worse by threatening more violence on those that he suspected of supporting the New Patriotic Front. As if to outdo himself, Emmerson went further to describe the people of Mashonaland Central as ticks that must be killed by dipping chemicals.

The fact that the most readily available poison in Mashonaland Central is found at dip tanks reinforces the view that Emmerson has the same murderous intent that he displayed prior to Gukurahundi when he promised to unleash DDT on the people of Matebeleland who he described as cockroaches.

Emmerson has not changed. As recently as 15th November 2017, Kasukuwere and his entire family were attacked by heavily armed soldiers in an assassination attempt. But the most important part was when Emmerson failed dismally to explain the ouster of President Mugabe. Whilst attempting to downplay the role of the military in deposing President Mugabe, he dug himself deeper into trouble.

Emmerson claimed that people marched against President Mugabe on 18th November 2017 and yet the people of Mashonaland Central left the rally saying that they are not the ones who marched. They went on further to observe that when President Mugabe was put into power in 2013, they did that by voting for him not by marching. The people of Mashonaland Central question why Emmerson, who claimed that he was being sent by President Mugabe during the Command Agriculture tours, is attacking Dr Joice Mujuru for visiting President Mugabe.

Emmerson is viewed by the people of Mashonaland Central as having a vendetta against their leadership. He has attacked Dr Joice Mujuru and Honourable Nicholas Goche. He has fired and side-lined fellow war veterans like Dr Augustine Chihuri, Comrade Aaron Nhepera, Comrade Innocent Nyamudahondo and Comrade Changata amongst a host of others. Mashonaland Central does not have a military commander beyond the rank of brigadier.

Young and up-coming politicians from Mashonaland Central like Honourable Tabeth Kanengoni-Malinga (herself the daughter of decorated war veteran and National Hero Comrade Elias Kanengoni), Obert Mutasa, Tongai Kasukuwere and others have been frustrated out of politics.

Instead, the people of Mashonaland Central are getting leadership imported from other provinces as evidenced by the parachuting of Perence Shiri from Mashonaland East and Munyaradzi Machacha from Midlands. The worst part for Emmerson was the fact that the people of Mashonaland Central want President Mugabe, himself, to explain to them the circumstances that leaves him out of the power that they gave to him. They observe that when President Mugabe’s campaign rallies were started in 2013, their senior leadership from Mashonaland Central was there with him.

Mashonaland Central is not happy that Emmerson is coming to them without President Mugabe and the senior leadership from their province. They see Emmerson as a robber, zigororo chairo. For the ZBR, Emmerson’s visit to Mashonaland Central has been be very useful in lying bare the true feeling of the people. Emmerson is definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, unelectable in Mashonaland Central.

As Emmerson continues with his visits to various parts of the country, the ZBR will be waiting to hear the voice of the people in those areas and pass it on to the world. To that end, please feel free to communicate with via me WhatsApp on +263-73-343-6169. Because of the immense number of messages that I receive, I would like to request your indulgence for the anticipated delay in responding. Iwe neni tine basa. Umsebenzi.lo Umkhulu Asante Sana.