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Matavire legacy lives on

It is a kind of legacy that reads like one imprinted upon a tablet of stone. The life of the late music icon, Paul ‘Dr Love’ Matavire is one his family members cherish every day.

The late Paul Matavire
The late Paul Matavire

The famous crooner, whose lyrics were loaded with humour and life lessons, left a mark even in his village.

Born at Number 1 in the communal areasof Maranda, Paul lived with his mother in nearby Dinhe village.

Even the yard he used to play around has his presence in the form of nephews and nieces who still recall his music.

Despite the Matavire family being one huge polygamous family, it appears the art of music seems to have only been gifted to Paul and his young brother, Watson.

“I witnessed his huge success,” Dr Love’s mother said, but in the beauty of thee memories was a layer of sadness upon her face.

When Paul died, his wife would soon follow and their children had no option but to head down south across the border.

Life has just not been fair to Paul’s mother despite having given birth to what she keeps referring to as ‘Gamba Renyu,’ translated to ‘Your Hero.’

The dusty red soils and the blazing heat signaling a drought in this perennially dry area where Dr Love built his home just remain far from a befitting final resting place of Zimbabwe’s once larger than life character.

“And at times,” says the mother of the late musician, “I wake up in the middle of the night asking myself endless questions.” ZBC