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Mom-in-law kicked on privates

By Sandra Saungweme

A violent son-in-law has been accused of kicking his mother in-law’s private parts following a dispute. Jane Muchirahondo bared it all at the Harare Civil Court in her quest for a peace order against Bonface Chironga.

She also accused her son in-law of assaulting and insulting her using obscenities in the presence of their neighbours.

“I have been fending for him since 2001 when his wife passed on due to a car accident but in return he abuses and harasses me in the company of his friends.

“He is not even considerate of my age, all he does is shout at me and destroy my property and he spends most of his time at a nearby shebeen sleeping with prostitutes and he returns home drunk.

“He kicked me on my private parts when I asked him to return my money which he took.“I don’t know if I made a crime by allowing him to stay at my house.

“He must leave my house, this is too much your worship,” said Muchirahondo.

However, Chironga disputed the applicant’s claim saying;

“I am opposed to the application because she is making false claims; I never insulted nor assaulted her, she is a liar and all she wants is to evict me from the house.

“That house is mine, we built it with my wife and she is the one who bribed the lawyers so that they will change ownership of the house.

“I never kicked her on her private parts, she is my mother, so why should I do that to her.

“I am not going to vacate your worship,” he said.

Presiding magistrate Nyasha Marufu granted the peace order in Muchirahondo’s favour.  H-Metro