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Sulu can afford $800, says ex-wife

By Tendai Rupapa

Orchestra Dendera Kings leader Sulumani Chimbetu’s ex-wife Marygold Mutemasango yesterday implored the court to dismiss the former’s application for maintenance fee reduction, saying the musician had the capacity to pay the $800 per month.

Orchestra Dendera Kings leader Sulumani Chimbetu’ and ex-wife Marygold Mutemasango
Orchestra Dendera Kings leader Sulumani Chimbetu’ and ex-wife Marygold Mutemasango

Chimbetu (35), who is paying $800 maintenance towards the upkeep of two minors he sired with Mutemasango, recently applied for the reduction of the amount to $200.

Through his lawyer Mr Arshiel Mugiya, Chimbetu cited economic hardships and changed circumstances, adding that the $800 he is paying was exorbitant and unsustainable.

However, Mutemasango, through her lawyer Ms Tendai Rusinahama, said Sulu was a brand and was able to pay the money.

“In as much as there is general economic hardship in this country, the applicant’s (Chimbetu) circumstances keep improving. I can safely say he is one of the few people in this country who are managing to make it despite our current situation as a nation,” she said.

“There is a significant increase in the number of shows he is holding and these shows are well attended, with fans paying $5 each. Sulumani Chimbetu is in fact a brand such that his shows never flop.”

Mutemasango produced various photographs of Chimbetu’s shows in a bid to convince the court that his shows attracted huge crowds.

She further added that she spends $800 per month on the two minors.

“His mission is to settle scores with me using our children, which this court should frown upon. The offer of $200 per month is absurd. He is just unwilling to maintain the children,” she said.

Chimbetu was not in attendance as he was represented by Mr Mugiya. Ms Rusinahama then applied to have him ordered to appear in court and take to the witness stand.

“Your Worship, there are some areas in which he is not being candid with the court and for this court to come up with an informed decision, there is need for the applicant to take to the witness stand. The reading of the application requires further clarification on a number of issues. It is important that we cross-examine him,” she said.

In response, Mr Mugiya said he would also want to cross-examine Mutemasango on certain issues, hence she should also be in the witness box. Magistrate Mr Lazini Ncube remanded the matter to November 15, when Sulu is expected to appear before him.

In his application, Chimbetu submitted that people were no longer attending shows in their numbers as they used to and he was now holding fewer shows owing to economic hardships, hence he was failing to make ends meet. Sulu, as the musician is affectionately known, further added that he does not get income from some of his roles as a brand ambassador. The Herald