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Alleged gang boss ‘Donkie’ still in critical condition after failed hit

 Alleged 26s gang boss Jerome “Donkie” Booysen is apparently not doing well in hospital.

Jerome “Donkie” Booysen

Booysen has been in hospital for nearly a week after he was shot four times at the Cape Town International Airport last Wednesday.

The relative says the alleged leader of the Sexy Boys gang has been moved three times since he was shot, following another attempt on his life at a Bellville hospital on Thursday night.

His bodyguards managed to catch a man, disguised as a female doctor, who allegedly tried to inject Booysen with snake venom.

The suspect, Fabian Cupido, 39, who is apparently from Scottsdene, appeared in the Bellville Magistrates’ Court this week on a charge of attempted murder and possession of a stolen car.

Police found the keys to the car, stolen in Simon’s Town, in his doctor’s coat.

Rival gangs are rumoured to have put a bounty of R5 million on Booysen’s head and want him dead by Christmas.

According to the family member, Booysen has been recuperating well, until the attack at the Bellville Melomed hospital, the fourth attempt on his life in six months.

“It’s his kidneys. I think it is the strain. He is a man for his family and is less worried about getting better than he is about taking care of his people. That is, and always has been his priority,” says the relative.

Booysen has since been moved to another hospital using an alias.

Police spokesperson Andrè Traut said no further arrests have been made in the case. Daily Voice