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Sikhonjwa ejects Khuliyo from Red Cafe

By Bongani Ndlovu

IN the latest instalment of their feud, comedian MC Babongile Sikhonjwa booted musician, Khuliyo, out of his Red Cafe establishment at the weekend.

Babongile Sikhonjwa

Khuliyo and Sikhonjwa have been embroiled in a war of words since last week after the comedian accused the singer of telling people that he was a bad MC.Sikhonjwa hit back saying Khuliyo was a bad singer and declared that he was better than him.

A sing off competition was then arranged at the Bulawayo Theatre this Friday to prove who the better artiste is.

As people were preparing for the competition, the two gave them more reason to look forward to the event as they publicly embarrassed each other at the cafe.

An unsuspecting Khuliyo had visited the cafe to have a feel of the place with the hope of adopting it as his new watering hole.

As the speakers were pumping house beats with the crowd grooving, Khuliyo spotted blogger Larry Kwirirayi in the crowd and went over to greet him.

As they were conversing, Sikhonjwa, who was greeting patrons and friends, spotted Khuliyo in the crowd.

The smile/grin on his face quickly turned into a scowl as he asked what Khuliyo was doing in his bar. Thereafter, Sikhonjwa fleet-footedly rushed to the door and instructed the security personnel to throw Khuliyo out.

Those who noticed watched excitedly, some with concern as they feared the scuffle would turn nasty. The bouncer adhered to his boss’s command and nudged Khuliyo to the door, where Sikhonjwa was standing.

When they got to the door, Khuliyo confronted Sikhonjwa and some unpalatable words were exchanged before Khuliyo left the spot.

An angry Khuliyo said he would get back at Sikhonjwa adding that he was saving his energy for Friday.

“I’m working hard on rehearsing for Friday’s sing off competition and don’t want to dwell on a misguided person. While he’s busy playing around and throwing people out of his bar, I’m working towards beating him on Friday,” said Khuliyo.

Asked about the cafe incident, Sikhonjwa simply said he did not want Khuliyo in his space.

“As the sign says ‘right of admission is reserved’,” said Sikhonjwa. The Chronicle