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Peter Moyo reflects on life after Tongai

By Rest Mutore

PETER Moyo says his early days at the helm of Utakataka Express are the worst in his musical career.

Until he got to Grade Six, Peter Moyo did not know that he was Tongai “Dhewa” Moyo’s son.
Until he got to Grade Six, Peter Moyo did not know that he was Tongai “Dhewa” Moyo’s son.

Peter, who took over the group after the death of his father Tongai on October 15 2011, once decided to throw in the towel.

Being the eldest son, Peter was pushed to venture into music which saw him hanging football boots to take up the microphone.

Despite gaining celebrity status over night, he said he never enjoyed his work as he worked under a lot of pressure.

He said one of the things he disliked was to be compared to his father.

Young Igwe, as he is now being referred to, said the same people who encouraged him to venture into music where among those who were later saying the shoes are too big for him.

“I was working under a lot of pressure; those are the worst days to me because people wanted to see their icon (Tongai) through me.

“The pressure was unbearable; I had to go for voice training, which was good for me but the idea was to try to be like Tongai,” said Peter.

The musician said after his debut album, Mushonga Mukuru, he realised it was the right time to break out of the shell to be his own man.

He said since then, he has been using his late father’s works as a guideline and not something to copy.


“I then told myself that if I am to remain in this industry I have to be Peter not Tongai. However, my father remains my inspiration and until now I am using his works as a benchmark, it’s a like a syllabus to me.

“I never told anyone but I started to do my own work and that is when I realised that I can do it,” he said.

He went on to produce two albums Mabasa aMwari and Mopao Mokonzi which he believes defines the real Peter.

Peter admits that credit should be given to his late father but believes he has played his part to add glossy to the brand.

“We give the whole credit to Tongai but I think I’ve also come up with something that has seen the band being counted among the best.

“During the days of mdhara, Utakataka was regarded as the best dressed sungura outfit but I think I’ve taken it to another level. A lot of people have been saying that.

“As Utakataka Express, we have tried our best to keep sungura in touch with modern trends. We’ve mordenised sungura,” said Peter.

And to remember his father, Peter has organised a commemoration gig at Extra Mile Leisure on October 29.

Though he has lined up a number of shows beginning last week, he said the main celebrations are scheduled for month end.

“We always celebrate the life of Tongai the whole month of October. Our main event this year is on October 29 at Extra Mile.

“We are inviting all the fans and all stakeholders to come and celebrate the life of a music icon. We will be sharing the stage with Leonard Zhakata,” he said. H-Metro