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Married cheats exposed: Full Whatsapp chats

By Ngonidzashe Nyamwanza

A SERIAL cheat has been caught for the umpteenth time.

Thirty-four-year-old Faith Joseph’s marriage to Nyasha Tanyanyiwa, 45, is on the brink of collapse after alleged WhatsApp chats between the wife and her two boyfriends were exposed.

Nyasha displaying the pant
Nyasha displaying the pant

One of the boyfriend referred to as Shumba in the chats, is a truck driver while another called Stan is based in South Africa.

Faith was once forgiven by her husband after her relationship with Stan was exposed and a few months ago, she was caught in her best friend’s bedroom having quality time with her friend’s husband, Carlton Nyowani.

H-Metro has since established that Shumba is Albert Madhuze who was rushing from South Africa to sleep with Faith.


Faith works for a cold meats company.

Shumba has denied ever sleeping with Faith saying he intended to sleep with the latter after he had finished his work.

Shumba also said he had met Faith in a WhatsApp group where they fell for each other insisting they were still to meet.

“I was supposed to meet her today after finishing my work. I value my work more than pleasure things.

“I do not even know what she does in life. We just met in a group and if there was anything to happen between me and her it was supposed to happen today,” said Shumba.

Nyasha said it was the third time he had caught his wife cheating.


“My wife was once in love with a man called Stan based in South Africa and the boyfriend even claimed that he was father to our three children.

“I had to go for DNA tests to establish who was the real father of the three children,” said Nyasha.

“Fortunately, the DNA tests then proved that I was the biological father.

“It’s now the third time I’ve caught my wife cheating and it’s so disgusting that she even went to acquire some juju with the intention of covering up her evil deeds.

“Right now, we do stay together but we are not even interacting or sleeping together on the same bed because from the time I discovered that she had a bottle of juju, I started experiencing weird dreams.

“What made me discover that my wife was using such wicked objects is that my father who died years back came to me through the dream narrating the whole story about the juju issue and where the bottle was hidden.

“Some of the juju objects include needles which were attached on my underwear enclosed in a bottle full of traditional herbs.

“With such a hint from my father through the dream, I pressed on my wife to tell me where she had taken such things and that is when she referred me to a woman who had given her the stuff in Southlea Park.

“I am even worried right now because the same lady who gave my wife juju is now appearing in my dreams as well trying to sleep with me.

“I even approached the lady to get full knowledge on the purpose of such strange items but she only revealed that mishonga yatoshandisa sevakadzi kuti tisimbe.” said Nyasha

Nyasha also revealed that from the time he took his wife’s cellphone, he discovered some dirty stuff that were shared between Carlton and his wife.

“Vamwe vanhu tinenge tichida kuchengeta mhuri dzedu, strugglling to make ends meet but in life ndopaunosangana nevanhu vanodawo zvechijoki,” added Nyasha


Contacted for comment, Nyasha’s wife Faith denied cheating on him saying she was being framed.

“I have known Carlton and his wife when I assisted them to find accommodation in Hatcliffe.

“I am also in good books with Carlton’s wife who I hang with doing errands,” she said.

Faith said their marital woes have gone for years accusing Nyasha of being insecure.

“After this Carlton issue came up, he no longer shares the same bedroom with me as he prefers sleeping in the lounge.

“He has changed completely as he no longer spends weekends with us as he use to do.

“As for the rumours being spread by people in our neighbourhood to be honest I’m not cheating on him.

“Regarding the Shumba guy you mentioned, I got to know him when I joined an-all female WhatsApp group. I was then immediately put in another group called ‘Cheaters’ and seven men approached visited my inbox instantly all claiming they loved me”.”

Faith said she exited the ‘Cheaters’ group but Shumba kept on pestering her.

“When Shumba visited my inbox, he said he only wanted (bonde) and nothing much but I turned down the proposal.”

“Regarding Stan’s issue, I have known him since we were in high school in Mvurwi and he is seven years younger than me.

“In fact, I was in love with his brother when I was still in high school so I just talk with Stan and he is actually the one who requested me on Facebook.

“At the moment, Stan is in love with my younger sister and in this case, he wanted to engage me so that I resolve his issues with my sister and that is when my husband stumbled upon my phone and insulted him.”

Below are the chats between Faith and Shumba

[19:10, 10/5/2017] Shumba: Faith
[20:41, 10/5/2017] +263 77 705 5424: How you
[21:34, 10/5/2017] Shumba: Cool bby & u
[21:44, 10/5/2017] Shumba: I miss u sha
[21:52, 10/5/2017] Shumba: Bby ndakurara shaa nhasi hope dzakandikiya coz l drove overnyt wena sleep well l love u
[05:32, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: Bt shaa ndakuda kuroorwa
[05:36, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: I want you to fu** me everday swrty i miss you
[05:38, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: So whats your plan today love
[06:53, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Lovely mrng bby l am at Messina maybe in Hre by sun
[06:55, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Don’t worry l knw will sort it when l get there even a trip to Jhb together is the best
[08:20, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: When dear l miss real s-e-x
[08:22, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Mon bby
[08:22, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: Toitira kupi dear
[08:23, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Don’t worry will find a place to go swty
[08:24, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: I will say something kubasa to spend time
[08:24, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: I love dear
[08:25, 10/6/2017] Shumba: K bby no problem l love u too Fai
[08:27, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: Please travel well ,love you swrty
[08:28, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Thanks bby chengeta zvunhu zvaShumba izvo bby
[08:28, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: Kkkkk
[08:29, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Unonaka bby
[08:32, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: I need s-e-x with you everyday swrty ,you spoiled me l love you
[08:33, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Ur wish bby is my command
[08:34, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: You mean a lot to me love
[08:35, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: Is boader busy
[08:35, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Even u shaa
[08:36, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Ummm l will tell u ndakuyambuka bby
[08:37, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: Ok love regatimboshanda
[08:37, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: But my brain keep thinking about you
[08:38, 10/6/2017] Shumba: K bby ndokuti tigute
[08:38, 10/6/2017] Shumba: I knw bby coming for u
[08:39, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: Thanks swrty
[08:40, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Ndipo pic rako uri wega swty
[08:40, 10/6/2017] Shumba: U a welcome Fai
[08:41, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: Ok love
[08:41, 10/6/2017] Shumba:

[08:45, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Waiting bby pliiiz
[08:47, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Waaaal so lovely shaa
[08:47, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Thanks mai zvicha
[08:47, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: Send yours ndimabatanidze
[08:53, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: Lovely swrty
[08:56, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Thanks bby
[08:56, 10/6/2017] Shumba:

[08:59, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: I m trying to do a foto grid ndikutadza do one tiritese undisenderewo
[09:01, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Phone yakadzima every app shaa saka ndichaisa mamwe ndasviko ikoko
[09:03, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Ndikawana anoyo will send bby
[09:04, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: ok swrty i will keep trying as well send me a full pic inonyatso mecha
[09:05, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Handina full pic love ndiwe uchanditora bby
[09:06, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: i will swrty
[09:06, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Rega ndimuke ndakunzwa nzara
[09:06, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Wakafitwa nenhumbu mwana iwe
[09:07, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: thanks
[09:07, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Kkkkkkkk
[09:08, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: I want a baby girl swrty
[09:09, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Sure here bby une vangani ko Shumba vakakutun***a chikomana
[09:10, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: you think anoita mukomama here huny
[10:54, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Kkkkkkkk yes bby ndot***a boyz
[12:47, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: ,,, ,,,i miss you ndinenzara yemb*** yako shumba
[15:42, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: are you wining pa boader dear
[22:32, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Ndouya bby usatye hako ndokupa yese
[22:33, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: Wakupi
[22:38, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Border bby ndichayambuka mangwana kuseni
[22:39, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Ndingadai ndatoyambuka izvozvi
[22:40, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: I MISS YOU A LOT
[22:41, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Ndirikuuya bby
[22:41, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Usatye
[22:44, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Don’t worry will organise ndasvika kuti ndoitungidzira kupi
[22:46, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: NDINODA KUIDYA ,NDAKURARAINI SWRTY
[22:47, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Waaaaal bby panenge pakaipa hameno kukararwa
[22:49, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: NDODA KWATISINGAONI VAVENGI A WHOLE NIGT DEAR
[22:51, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: SLEEP WELL SWRTY
[22:51, 10/6/2017] Shumba: No problem bby uchakaroita nhumbu ne1 day iwe kkkkkkkkk
[22:55, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Kkkkkkkk mwana iweka unoishwetedzera ndiwe
[22:56, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: CHIREGA NDIRAREZVANGU
[22:56, 10/6/2017] +263 77 705 5424: NDIKUSHAYA HOPE WENA
[22:57, 10/6/2017] Shumba: Wanonokerwaka. H Metro