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Local DJs, artistes not paid for Nyovest Show

By Peter Matika

The growing rot in the local entertainment industry continues to bare its teeth, with the latest victims being several Bulawayo artistes that still have not received their pecks for the hyped South African hip hop star Cassper Nyovest show, held in the city a few weeks ago.

Cassper Nyovest
Cassper Nyovest in Zimbabwe

The show was organised by Harare based entertainment promotion agency Chipaz Promotions.

Some of the artistes that spoke to Sunday Life alleged that some of the acts that had been brought from the capital were paid.

“It’s a clear case of marginalisation. Just because we are from Bulawayo they take us for granted. All the acts from Harare were paid in full while we are being sidelined. How then are we as an industry supposed to flourish? The guy (Chipaz) isn’t taking our calls and is referring everything to Babongile Sikhonjwa, who also hasn’t been paid, from what I gather,” said an artiste who preferred anonymity.

The unpaid artistes, according to the source are DJs Nospa, Liz, Skaiva, artistes- Guluva 7, CalVin, Mzoe7 and Sikhonjwa.

“There was a near scuffle after the show where one of the artistes confronted Sikhonjwa, who was part of the organisers of the show. The artiste demanded that Sikhonjwa pay them what was due to them and not toy with them,” said the artiste.

Sikhonjwa however, refuted the claim of the scuffle saying that it was just a mere misunderstanding.

“Nothing like that happened, the artistes have since been advised that they will receive their payments and they are in touch with Chipaz.

“He told them that he would EcoCash their monies once he raised it. There are even screenshots to that effect. Basically he did declare a loss to them and promised to pay them this week. He is still very much communicating with everyone and me as well as the middleman,” said Sikhonjwa.

Chipaz could not be reached for comment. Sunday News