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Shingi Mukandi culpable homicide probe complete

By Tarisai Machakaire

The State has completed investigations into a culpable homicide case in which businessman Shingirayi Mukandi was killed in a suspected hit-and-run accident, a Harare court heard yesterday.

White Isuzu that killed Shingi Mukandi over the weekend recovered at Zambezi Flats in Malbereign
White Isuzu that killed Shingi Mukandi was recovered at Zambezi Flats in Malbereign

The suspects, Alfred Takudzwa Machipisa and his brother Fanwell Lloyd, appeared before Harare provincial magistrate Elisha Singano to get a briefing on the matter.

“Your worship, may the accused persons be remanded to October 20, pending furnishing of the trial date. The docket is now complete and has been referred to the prosecutor general’s office for perusal,” prosecutor Linda Gadzikwa addressed Singano.

At the time of his death, Mukandi was the executive director and head of operations for Freight World, a leading shipping, forwarding and customs clearing company.

Mukandi was well known for his love for motorbikes.

Immediately after the accident, it was alleged, Machipisa, who resides in Mt Pleasant, allegedly drove his father’s accident-damaged Isuzu KB300 to Mabelreign Zambezi Flats where his brother Fanwell Lloyd resides and hid the car there.

He later surrendered himself to the police following reports that they had been hunting for him.

He denies the culpable homicide charges. He is being represented by Anesu Vusani Bangidza.

Gadzikwa alleged that on July 22, at around 9pm, Machipisa drove a white Isuzu KB300 due west along Harare Drive while trailing a green Kawasaki motor cycle which was being ridden by the now deceased Mukandi.

As Machipisa passed number 201 Mt Pleasant, Harare, he reportedly negligently drove his Isuzu at speed that was excessive in the circumstances and failed to keep a proper look out for the road ahead.

The court heard that Machipisa failed to keep a safe distance between his car and Mukandi’s motorcycle that was ahead of him and resultantly hit him from behind.

It was alleged that due to the impact, Mukandi flew off the motorcycle and landed approximately 70m near the yellow line of the left side of the tarmac.

Immediately after the accident, Machipisa allegedly fled from the scene without rendering any form of assistance to Mukandi or inquire about the extent of his injuries.

Mukandi’s body and the damaged motorcycle were discovered by a passer-by who called for an ambulance.

The ambulance crew reportedly declared Mukandi dead at the scene.

An autopsy was carried out on the remains of Mukandi at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals and concluded that he died due to injuries sustained.

Mukandi was buried at Glenforest Memorial Park. Daily News