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Poor M’nangagwa et al…… Never Learn

By Tendai Chamboko

It seems they never learn. Like cockroaches they fall into the same pool of milk and shrieking the same slogan which a Jonasi Zvobgo also once yelled “Pamberi na VaMugabe”. This is all done to impress the beast and quietly hope the robe would fall on them. Not only sloganeering, but changing a whole constitution to appease the beast and give him ultimate power, the very power that eventually kicks them off to the peripheries of power.

Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa responds to questions from legislators in the National Assembly
Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa responds to questions from legislators in the National Assembly

Is it not an irony or some coincidence that some month ago just like Jonasi, Dambudzo M’nangagwa, a Karanga, a lawyer, a Minister of Justice was fine-tuning the constitution to give more power to the beast, and seeing himself eventually getting on the throne.

Jonasi Zvobgo would eventually cry foul as he realises he has been duped and blurs,” Being a President is like a relay and you have to pass the button to the next person. Unfortunately, we gave the button to a Baboon and has run with the button into the mountain and have even climbed into a big tree and no one can get it from him”.

A replay of the Baboon setting is again with us as Dambudzo’s hopes are shattered with vomiting, running stomachs, supporters being locked, dragged to courts and being dismissed from the party.

Poor Dambudzo he forgets he also elbowed out a poor widow called Joyce under unclear circumstances. The poor widow was also convinced the crown was ready for her taking.

The campaign message was spiced with the message “bhora mugedhi” and all “Zanoids” rallied, with a whisper promise that beast would hand over power to the widow after victory, as was crafted and allowed in the new constitution. The Beast would assure the window, ”Once someone becomes a Vice President what follows is being the President”. The rest is history.

Poor Mukoma Simba Makoni he also thought he was the heir apparent and would be flattered, “we are sending you on the SADC mission to get experience and eventually take over”. Again the rest is history.

As they sipped tea and eating cakes, the Beast would smile and enthral poor Morgan Tsvangirai, assuring him that he would easy off and allow him to assume power in a very free and fair election with “credible” added to it.

A sparkle of hope has been played to many aspirants by the Beast and they have danced to the beast’s flute, throwing all reasonableness into the air and comprising principles to mollify the beast. They have come and gone. We all thought they are the eventual successors. Chris Ushewokunze, Border Gezi, Gideon Gono, you name them, all were mesmerised as the beast would soft-soap them as the best. Like dogs on leash they would become angry on behalf of the beast, biting anyone standing in the way of the beast and unleashing untold suffering to please the beast.

Poor War Vets, the Hunzvis, the Jona Moyos, Elliot Manyikas, the Jabulanis, Mutasas the list goes on, of the “never learners” of the Beast’s deceitfulness. Just like Jonasi it seems they have now also learned that they were cheering and butchering for a “baboon”.

Poor Sekeramayi, the Doctor, is now subtly being earmarked as the new heir apparent and it seems he is also slowly biting the Beast’s cheese.

The Zanu Youth are now the new foot soldiers of the Beast after the War Vets have been discarded. Of course they should be forgiven for not knowing that they are walking on the same paths which a

Jonasi once walked- “Va Mugabe Chete!”. The Youths are now the new land distributors and are given the same tonic,”You are our leaders of Tomorrow”.

The Beast’s message has changed from time to justify his stay in power, when faced with Political hurdle. After going through hurdle, he decides to simply forget the promise and continue.

“I will retire after removing the vestige of colonialism from Zimbabwe” was the initial message. This changed to something like, “Power to the People-Gutsa Ruzhinji”. Then came “land to the people”, the reason we went to war will have been achieved and retirement to follow. “The old man will retire after the 2013 elections……. will retire after restoring Zanu stability…… will retire after black empowerment”. The list goes on.

Not sure what the beast would be promising the people this time since everything has been given out. I am sure the master of deception, Jona Moyo(JM) will create something to please the Beast and make sure the beast does not fall, lest his(JM) skeletons would tumble out of the cupboards. JM forgets his crucifixion would come after the 2018 resounding victory.

With the impending 2018 Elections the apparatus have now been put in motion and the Beast tactfully leaves everyone guessing. Is it M’nangagwa, Sekeramai or Dr Amai to succeed? Keep people guessing. It is Political Art at its best by the Beast. To do the same thing for so long and repeat it and still have takers. They all bite the bait and go into full swing to campaign for the Beast, each one of them hoping the mantle would fall on them or will get the crumbles from the Beast table.

After the 2018 slay, again it will be the Beast himself, bragging, “I have won and got a mandate to run the full term”.

The earlier the contestants accept and realise that the Beast wants to die in power, the less heart aches and food poisoning they will experience.

Fortunately or unfortunately to some, the Beast’s doctors are doing a good job and we will still have the Beast in the 2023 elections, and thereafter to attain his ambition of reaching 100 years.(By the way the Teacher who taught the beast all the tricks of survival lived to 120 years).

We should not be worried on the Beast’s capacity to go around and run the country effectively. Mai Doctor has assured us she would help push the wheel chair, help the Beast to run the country.

How many times have we said this will be the Beast’s last run. “Haaaa Mdara this time akuda kuzorora(The old man this time now wants to rest)”. Poor delusionary M’nangagwas, Zanoids and Zimbabweans.

“No, the constitution would not allow him to run for a third term”, some would argue. Rubbish what constitution?

For how long shall one man hold a whole country at ransom. ————————————————————————-

I have made this contribution not as way of discouraging those fighting the tyranny but to awaken all, including those in Zanu, not to be used to destroy a country with so much potential, whose “brains” are now scattered all over and benefiting other countries, running away from one man. Just for once in 2018 let us unite and recognise where lies our problem.

Bob Dylan once sang “how many years can some people exist, before they’re allowed to be free…..how many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn’t see…. how many ears must one man have before he can hear people cry,….. how many deaths will it take till he knows that too many people have died”

Tendai Chamboko is a qualified teacher now working as a care nurse in the diaspora and yearns to come back home and make a difference to his country.