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Shingi Mukandi killed in hit and run

By Nyasha Kada

Harare businessman and socialite, Shingi Mukandi, has died.

Businessman Shingi Mukandi who was killed in a hit and run accident
Businessman Shingi Mukandi who was killed in a hit and run accident

He was 33 and is survived by his wife and three children.

At the time of his death, Shingi was the executive director and head of operations for Freight World, a leading shipping, forwarding and customs clearing organisation established in 1991.

Shingi, who enjoyed travelling by motorbike, was a victim of a hit and run incident as he approached his Mt Pleasant home and died on the spot around 9pm on Saturday.

Family spokesperson, Eddie ‘Kebab’ Zviitwa, said Shingi’s death has left a big hole on the family.

“I had just spoken to him on the phone and he said he was going home and then we would meet later on but it was not to be.

“My girlfriend then called me a few minutes later saying she had witnessed an accident involving a motorbike that was similar to Shingi’s but she was not sure.

“I then drove to the spot only to realize it was him lying on the ground and when the ambulance crew arrived they pronounced him dead.

“We suspect it was a hit and run incident. He was hit from the back by a car whilst trying to turn into his road to go home.

“The person did not stop but part of the bumper from the car was recovered from the scene and is now with the police.

“We don’t suspect any foul play because Shingi got along with people, we wouldn’t like to think there was anyone that would want to harm him in such a way,” said Eddie Kebab.

He also dismissed as speculation the vehicle registration number circulating on social media.

“We are still waiting for information from the police. Until then we can only say what is circulating on social media is speculation.”

Shingi will be buried at Glenforest Memorial Park Tuesday afternoon (1pm) with a church service set for St Peter’s Anglican Church, Meyrick Park, Mabelreign at 9am.

Mourners are gathered at 4 Finsbury Close, Mt Pleasant (Off Harare Drive). H-Metro