“This made Moyo furious and he set Ms Ncube’s bedroom hut on fire. Property worth $250 which comprised clothes, blankets and valuable documents were destroyed in the fire,” said Mrs Mafemba.

    She said Moyo fled from the scene without anyone noticing but villagers managed to track his shoeprints.

    The matter was reported to the police resulting in Moyo’s arrest.

    In his mitigation Moyo said he mistakenly set the bedroom hut on fire while he was trying to illuminate to check if she was in the hut.

    “I didn’t burn the hut intentionally Your Worship. I had gone to my girlfriend’s homestead to look for her and when I didn’t get any response after knocking I decided to check whether she wasn’t around.

    “I used a match stick to illuminate the room but it burnt my finger and I threw it to the ground. I assumed that the flame had died down and I walked away only to realise that the hut was on fire when I was a few metres away,” he said.

    Moyo said he wanted to put out the fire but the hut was already engulfed in flames. He said he fled from the scene out of fear. The Sunday News