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Soldier assaults ex in row over child upkeep

By Anesu Chakabva

A Zimbabwe National Army colonel fought with his girlfriend at the Harare Civil Court soon after a maintenance hearing.

Col Charles Mazaiwana is responsible for training in the Zimbabwe National Army.

The colonel and his ex-girlfriend, Ms Elizabeth Nyengeterai, appeared before Harare magistrate Mrs Barbara Mateko.

Nyengeterai had taken Col Mazaiwana to court seeking an upward variation in maintenance for their 14-year-old son.

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She argued the child was now in secondary school and as such his needs had ballooned.

Ms Nyengeterai claimed to be contributing 80 percent towards the child’s upkeep while Col Mazaiwana has reportedly neglected the minor.

Col Mazaiwana is currently paying $160 a month for the child’s upkeep. He is offering an additional $20.

“He is a farmer and a businessman. He also gets war veterans allowances from Government but he chooses to leave me with the burden of taking care of our son who is very bright.

“He is pursuing his studies with UNISA where he is fully funded and he uses Government vehicles, therefore he has no special expenses he can present before this court,” said Nyengeterai.

“All I am asking for is adequate support to take this child to school. If he does not want to use his personal money, he can facilitate that the child benefits from the programme that pays school fees for war veterans’ children.”

Col Mazaiwana opposed the application.

He accused Ms Nyengeterai of exaggerating the child’s needs.

“Hakuna mari kwaari kutaura uko since 2013 and mari yandinomupa irikushota papi? She is exaggerating and inflating her figures because tinavowo vana vakaenda kuma boarding kwacho.”

Ms Nyengeterai and Col Mazaiwana were engaged in a heated exchange after the hearing.

Col Mazaiwana later assaulted Ms Nyengeterai when he saw her taking pictures of him.The Herald